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With our personal support programs, difficult personal and professional problems can be overcome. Our Coach intervenes utilising subconscious information, reprogramming obsolete points of view which no longer are useful and only cause suffering.

In this way, you can learn to manage different life situations, and enhance skills and strengths. We develop highly effective personal and emotional training programs to help you achieve extraordinary results in all areas of your life. We help you boost your ability to improve performance and productivity, flexibility and adaptability to change.



Neurolinguistic programming (NLP) is a compendium of tools that, extremely quickly and effectively, can help in conflicts and problems related to bad habits, trauma and crises, phobias and fears. Thanks to these techniques, you can achieve personal goals (such as quit smoking, lose weight, get on a plane, etc.), and at a professional level (be more recognized, overcome bullying or the bad attitude of your boss or co-workers, etc…)

Duration: 60 minutes



Personal training that helps you to become aware and to overcome particular or professional shortcomings, achieving extraordinary results in all areas of life. Improves performance, productivity, relationships, use of skills and resources, flexibility and adaptability to change. This isn’t magical, but it is extremely effective.

Duration: 60 minutes



Through facial morph-psychology and Fengshui, we can interpret the somatic features of your face. This information will help you to better understand your own weaknesses, strengths and virtues, among other, sometimes unknown, characteristics. So you can learn to manage them to be more effective in relationships in general, in personal development and to improve self-understanding.

Duration: 60 minutes



Personal support that allows you to identify and understand the conflict associated with a symptom. By developing a biological hypothesis, the therapist can guide you to overcome the pain stored for years, to heal and free yourself from the burden that prevents you from moving forward and living better life.

Duration: 60 minutos

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