The Art of taking care of yourself

Treatment description

‘The Art of Taking Care of Yourself’ is a unique programme created just for you. Live a unique experience created just for YOU and start a new healthy life with comprehensive advice on healthy habits, mindful eating, and personal image.

There is nothing better than taking care of yourself in a great environment: surrounded by nature, in anonymity, with living experiences and rituals that will help you relax your mind, slow down, and regain control of what you really want to be and live.

Treatment information

‘The Art of Taking Care of Yourself is a programme that integrates a variety of experiences:

  • Cardio-Nature: discover the benefits of a good morning walk; enjoy waking up with a fresh start to the day; watch the colours of nature change; and notice how to start feeling more awake and energetic. If the weather isn’t good, this cardio activity could be done in the fitness room of a hotel or gym.
  • Hypopressive exercises: working with breathing, postures, and movements focusing on the pelvic floor and intended to strengthen the abdominals. The goal is to improve the muscle tone of the abdominals, pelvic floor, and spine that may have weakened with age, sports, or childbirth.
  • Manual lymph drainage: a specific technique that is applied to the lymphatic system to increase circulation and encourage detoxification. Gentle, slow, and repetitive manoeuvres are used to remove toxins. It regulates the immune system’s response to bacteria, viruses, and other pathogenic substances. It also restores circulation, helps with water retention, and contributes to mental relaxation and tranquilly.

This programme has been specially designed for you. Maybe your lifestyle doesn’t give you time to learn how to take care of yourself. Maybe because you need a makeover but don’t know where to start. Maybe you travel alone and need a personal shopper and image consultant to help you shop for clothes and cosmetics to avoid buying things you won’t use.

Because less is more, with this programme you will learn to combine clothes and shoes, as well as beauty products, and how to make a good choice of menu when you eat out. In addition, you will learn to be aware of what and how you eat and to buy what suits you, applying the concept of ‘less is more’.

Price of the programmes

  • 2-day programme: €830
  • 5-day programme: €1,350
  • 7-day programme: €1,750
  • Videocall to tailor and adjust the programme to each client at least two weeks before the initiation
  • Cardio-Nature
  • Hypopressive exercises
  • Self-care beauty ritual: facial yoga + facial self-massage
  • Preparing the makeover
  • Mindful eating
  • The art of feeling and looking beautiful: you will learn to highlight your natural beauty with makeup
  • Body lymph drainage
  • Personal shopper
  • Transport to Andorra
  • Accommodation
  • Meals
*Including the video call for the adjustment of your new tailored ‘Healthy Food’ programme, as well as three follow-up calls (one per week) after your visit to ensure the success of the programme. It also includes all the consultations via WhatsApp that you may need to welcome the changes correctly during the four weeks after your visit, as well as a personalised plan.

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