Celular Clinic

Celular Clínic is one of the most popular regenerative medicine centres in the country, as well as the only centre in southern Europe that works with adult stem cells.

Celular Clínic also works in the field of joint pathologies and revolutionary cell therapy to offer patients a complete and comprehensive service in the treatment of knee, hip, shoulder, elbow, foot and ankle and wrist pathologies, among others.

The clinic offers continuous personal service from the first initial contact to the followups after treatment, adding an intangible value to the patient’s experience.



Treatments with Celular Clinic

Treatments and experiences offered by Celular Clinic.

Tratamiento para la artrosis con células madre adultas _ Celular Clinic _ Andorra Health Destination

Treatment of osteoarthritis with adult stem cells​

Osteoarthritis affects 7 out of 10 people over the age of 50. Combating pain with a biological therapy based on the patient’s own stem cells is the aim of the Celstem treatment.

dolor deportistas

Pain treatment for athletes

Avoiding injuries and pain in athletes is an impossible task not only in professional athletes but also in amateur athletes.

Banco de células madre adultas _ Celular Clinic _ Andorra Health Destination

Adult Stem Cell Bank

The stem cells in our body age over the years. Storing them at the right time and freezing them for future use is the objective of a cell bank.

About Celular Clinic

Regenerative medicine of the highest quality in Andorra

The highest quality regenerative medicine in Andorra is available at Celular Clinic. This clinic has a multidisciplinary centre with a doctor’s office and operating theatre and is also home to the Cellab laboratory, where most of the technical aspects of each patient’s processes are carried out.

Moreover, Celular Clinic is much more than a conventional clinic, as it offers a medical service that offers each patient full support from the first visit until complete recovery, as well as professional medical attention 24 hours a day.
Celular Clinic manages to create a totally comprehensive patient experience which, combined with the most innovative regenerative medicine treatments on the market, adds indescribable value to the clinic and the professionals who compose its medical team.

At Celular Clinic, the only centre in southern Europe that treats with adult stem cells, you will have the best scientific professionals at your disposal and a truly satisfactory patient experience, regardless of the pathology to be treated.

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