Medical and Therapeutic Treatments

Medical and therapeutic tourism enabling the diagnosis and treatment of pathologies

Health Tourism

Medical tourism experiences

Our medical and therapeutic treatment experiences are created especially for those who seek to improve their image or treat a medical issue, or get some therapeutic help.

Andorra Health Destination has selected the best clinics and the best medical experts in the country to offer patients complete diagnosis and treatment programmes for different pathologies with 100% personalised care.

banco de celulas madre adultas
Medical and therapeutic Tourism

Our Medical and Therapeutic Treatments

Our medical treatment experiences and associated medical centres.

bancos de celulas madre adultas

Adult Stem Cell Bank

Recommended for anyone between 20 and 60 years of age who wants to preventively preserve their own stem cells.
tratamiento cellstem

Arthrosis treatment with Adult Stem Cells

For anyone between the ages of 20 and 75 who has osteoarthritis.
Tratamiento del dolor cronico

Chronic Pain Treatment

Pain is one of the main reasons for medical consultation and one of the most frequent health problems in the adult population.
Casting de Nariz

Nose Casting

See what you would look like with a cosmetic nose job; reactivate your personality and improve your emotional wellbeing.
cirugia minimamente invasiva

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Experience in Minimally invasive surgery, to treat the most frequent conditions of foot surgery.
segunda opinion medica

Second Medical Opinion

We see patients who go from doctor to doctor without finding a solution. Dr Rabat brings his many years of experience to help.
Programa de adelgazamiento

Weight Loss Programme

Eliminate toxins and lose weight in an intensive way supervised by professionals in aesthetics, dietetics and medicine.
Escapada Terapeutica en pareja

Therapeutic Romantic Getaway

A weekend programme in an ideal environment to improve couple communication. Identify problems and work towards a solution.
Dr Volkert 1

Second opinion on benign tumors and cancers

The head and neck region is one of the most essential, and complex areas of the human body.
Dr Volkert 1

Laser treatment

Evaluation and treatment for vascular malformations and birthmarks are provided by expert physicians with years of experience in world-class institutions.
Clinica Quantum. Nutricio personalitzada

Skin Pathology Prevention Treatment

Many skin pathologies can now be avoided or detected early through prevention

Illumination and firming treatment + 30 years

Treatment indicated for people over 40 years of age with dull, flaccid skin and a lack of density.

Glow Treatmet

Treatment to reveal luminosity, and reduce wrinkles and expression lines.
Our Value

Health at its highest level

Medical tourism or health tourism experiences, included in the medical treatment section, have been created mainly to help people suffering from any pathology to improve their health and quality of life, offering them a wide range of high value and high quality medical treatments.

Our objective

Helping people improve their quality of life

Andorra Health Destination offers patients the best clinics and medical specialists in the country to treat knee, ankle, shoulder, hip, oral and maxillofacial problems, among many others, to help improve the patient’s quality of life.

These medical treatments are created with the aim of helping people to find a solution to certain pathologies whilst enjoying a 100% personalised accompaniment throughout the diagnosis and treatment process.

Why choose us

Our goal is to take care of you

We are experts in selecting high quality medical treatments and our main objective is to take care of you and your needs. We bring you the best specialists that will offer you personalised treatments.

Quality Medical Treatment

We offer you only the best clinics and the best medical services so that your medical treatment is of the highest value and quality. All our associated clinics have top diagnostic and treatment technology and a wide range of services so that you can find the one that best suits you.

Your health comes first

The medical specialists of our partner clinics accompany you throughout the entire process. Customer experience is our priority, so we work to select clinics that offer personal treatment, a medical stay as comfortable as possible and a 100% personalised experience.

Personalized advice

If you are in the process of making a decisions, our team is here to guide you and advise you on whatever you may need. You can contact us, explain what kind of treatment you are looking for and we will work to help you decide which treatment, clinic or specialist doctor best suits your needs.


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