Natural Lift

Treatment Description

There are moments in life when we desire a change in our face without having to undergo surgery. This is where the Natural Lift comes in.

With an ideal combination of hyaluronic acid and a rigorous technique, the Natural Lift restores the patient’s natural beauty. The main feature of the treatment is that it starts with gentle injections in the lateral part of the face, in the so-called lifting zone. This results in a significant lift of the face with a very natural effect.

The type of hyaluronic acid we inject depends on each person’s skin type. If the skin is thicker, the hyaluronic acid will be denser, and if the skin is thinner, the hyaluronic acid will be smoother. This careful customization is what makes the treatment unique and the result completely natural.

Effects of the Natural Lift

Hyaluronic acid treatments prevent skin aging. They help attenuate the marks of time and aid in avoiding their appearance. With the Natural Lift treatment, due to its technique, we will achieve an immediate tightening effect without adding volume to the face.

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