Nose Casting

Description of treatment

Would you like to harmonize the shape or size of your nose?

Nose casting is a proposal of the Maria Colomé Rhinology Clinic, to connect with beauty, enjoy well-being, and improve health.

A fantastic opportunity to  see how you would look with a nasal cosmetic retouch; a one-of-a-kind proposal to reactivate your personality and improve your emotional well-being.

What the programme consists of

The beauty of a face is in its harmony. A harmony where the nose is the centre.  

The shape or size of the nosewhether for genetics or for reasons that have occurredmakes some people not feel comfortable with their image, which affects their self-esteem and security.

Perhaps one of the following situations sounds familiar to you:

  • You are uncomfortable looking at yourself in the mirror or appearing in a photograph because of your nose.
  • You are looking for hairstyles, haircuts, or makeup that hides your nose.
  • You have the feeling that the size and shape of your nose determine your life.
  • You have considered the possibility of getting a touch-up, but you don’t want to “lose your personality.” 


The Nose Casting program is a unique opportunity to feel how you would look if you had an aesthetic retouchto harmonise your nosekeeping the essence of your expression and enhancing your personality.

Because no two noses are alike, Dr. Coloméfounder of the Rhinological Clinic, the only clinic in Spain that specialises exclusively in the noseoffers in this program a personalised visit where she will assess your case:

  • Physiological factors (age, health condition, skin texture, bone structure, healing capacity, etc.) 
  • Emotional factors (emotional maturity and expectations of the operation).
  •  Your nasal health and functionalities (medical history and complete examination).
  • facial analysis and a totally personalized surgical approach, so that you can anticipate how you would look and feel in having this nasal retouch and solve all the doubts that may arise. With more than 25 years of experience, Dr. Colomé has improved the nasal health and quality of life of thousands of patients through the aesthetics and functionality of the nose.


ThNose Casting program reveals the first step for you to:

  • Improve your appearance: to have a harmonious face while keeping your style and personality.  
  • Improve your quality of life: because improving your appearance means an increase in self-esteem and personal confidence.
  • Improve nasal function: Because the examination checks the proper functioning of all nasal organ functions.

Because a cosmetic nose job can have a significant impact on your life.  

Get advice from a professional expert! 

Doesn't include

The investment in this programme will be deducted from any surgical treatments that may be carried out later. 

*Visits are on Fridays, times to be arranged. 


350 €

Price of treatment