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Although most patients with foot problems receive adequate treatment to resolve them, there is a percentage of cases in which this does not happen.

This results in a group of patients chronically suffering from their ailment without finding one. Appropriate treatment to relieve them.

We offer 40 years of experience in the diagnosis and treatment of these diseases. Numerous scientific publications, anatomical studies, and book chapters in our specialty. Numerous appearances as an expert at medical conventions.

Treatment information

We see patients with illnesses that seem “normal” to us who go from doctor to doctor without finding a solution.

Foot and ankle pathology requires a high degree of superspecialization, which is a trend of our time. In fact, many of the cases that come to our consultations in search of a solution do not constitute cases of special complexity. They simply require a person with full dedication.

In our experience, this is due to several causes that we list:

  1. Patients who have undergone incorrect surgical treatment are especially frequent in Hallux Valgus (Bunion) surgery. In many cases, these patients have undergone multiple operations, and in many of these cases, inappropriate surgeries have been added to each other.

In these cases, there are rescue procedures that can solve the problem and make the patient forget about his foot problem. In many of these cases, the majority has a solution. We bring our long experience.

  1. On other occasions, the patient suffered in his day a serious accident, traffic, sports, domestic, resulting in serious traumatic injuries to the foot and ankle that were treated at the time.

On many occasions, despite having received the correct treatment, it is impossible to avoid the existence of important sequelae that prevent the patient from leading a normal life.
In these cases, an appropriate surgery can provide a return to normality and the end of serious suffering. In this, we also bring a long experience.

  1. Highly complex pathologies.

This term groups together a whole bunch of diseases of the foot and ankle that require the assistance of authentic specialists in the field.

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