Adult Stem Cell Bank

Treatment Description

The stem cells in our body age over the years. Storing them at the right time and freezing them for future use is the objective of a cell bank. The patient’s stem cells are obtained from liposuction of the patient’s abdominal fat.

Once the cells have been collected, they are purified and prepared for cryopreservation at -190ºC. This low-temperature conservation stops their ageing process and stores them in the best possible condition in case they are ever needed. If the cells are needed, Celular Clinic will have the treatment ready in 24 hours.

Celular Clinic cell bank treatments in Andorra are recommended for anyone between 20 and 60 years old who wants to preventively preserve their stem cells. Particularly suitable for athletes or people who suffer from joint deterioration as a result of sport.

Doesn't include

* Pre-operative tests can be done and presented by the patient, excluding them from the price of the treatment and reducing the number of overnight stays in Andorra.

4.950 €

Price for celular banking



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