Sports Medicine Treatments

Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation

Sports Medicine

Treatment and prevention of injuries

Sports medicine is the medical specialty that studies the effects of sports and physical activity on patients’ bodies from the point of view of offering treatment and prevention of illnesses and injuries resulting from the practice of sports.

If you are an active sportsperson, you have probably needed sports treatments such as physiotherapy and osteopathy before. However, for both professionals and amateurs, specialised treatment at a sports medicine and rehabilitation clinic is always the best option.

Experiences for sports lovers

Sports Medicine Treatments

See our specialised treatments for sports medicine and rehabilitation.

Prevención esquiador

Injury Prevention for Skiers

Improve the prevention of skiing injuries. Innovative system that combines the cameras of Younext 4D Motion Capture and the Podoactiva Ski simulator.

Nasal Health

Nasal health and quality of life is a programme for the improvement of health and well-being, through improved nasal and breathing health.
escapada saludable

Chiropractic Care Treatment

We propose a special treatment plan to relieve pain, restore energy, vitality and achieve a better posture in a short time. This programme is recommended for everyone.
Patalogia del tobillo

Pathology of the ankle

Young patients, athletes, who usually have problems derived from ankle sprains that have not healed well. This is what is known as “chronic ankle instability”.
fascitis plantar

plantar fasciitis

This condition concentrates a large number of visits to specialists in foot and ankle pathology. +20 years of experience in the diagnosis and treatment of this disorder.
Tratamiento del dolor en deportistas

Pain treatment for athletes

Avoiding injuries and pain in athletes is an impossible task not only for professional athletes but also for amateur athletes
Prevención corredor

Injury Prevention for Runners

Running has become very trendy in recent years, more and more people are going running, increasing the number of injuries caused by this sport.
tratamiento salud postural

Body Healthy

It is a programme to correct and reduce body discomfort derived from poor postural health or chronic injuries. As well as specific treatments for the structural relocation of the body.
Sports Medicine

For sports professionals

Sports medicine is usually understood as a speciality reserved for those who are professionally involved in sport, but there are also very useful applications for patients who want to improve their physical fitness, heal an injury or attend a postural re-education group to improve their daily quality of life.

Visit Andorra

Andorra is one of European's favourite winter sports destinations.

It is a destination known for its famous ski slopes and beautiful mountains in the heart of the Pyrenees.

As an ideal destination for winter sports, the prestige of sports medicine and rehabilitation in Andorra has grown each year and our country has embraced the integrative approach to preventative treatment and rehabilitation of sports injuries, with a focus on skiing and mountain sports, combining traditional medicine and physiotherapy with osteopathy and chiropractic treatment.

The truth is that everything related to sport is synonymous with health, so putting yourself in the hands of a sports medicine specialist can help you stay healthy and active and acquire routines that can help you to solve or improve any musculoskeletal condition you may have.


We work to improve your health

We are experts in selecting sports medicine treatments that adapt to your needs and take care of your health. We bring you the best specialists that will offer you treatments for your needs.

Quality Sports Medicine

We offer you only the best clinics and the best sports specialists so that your sports medicine treatment is of the highest quality and value. All our partner clinics are equipped with the latest diagnostic and treatment technology and offer a wide range of sports medicine services so that you can find the one that best suits you.

We care about your health

Our priority is to help you improve your physical performance and teach you how to maintain good sports health.We strive to select the most comprehensive sports medicine treatment programmes so that, in addition to applying diagnosis and treatment to any pathology, you can have the tools to ensure good health over time.

We know what you need

If you need advice to find the sports medicine treatment that best suits your needs, we have a team that works to offer you 100% personalised attention throughout the process of information, booking and stay. We'll help guide you to find the treatment you need and we will remain at your disposal throughout the whole process.


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