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Is sport a big part of your life? Do you want to enjoy some great activities in Andorra? We can help you get ready to practice your passions safely. Chiropractic care activation will boost your nervous system to increase your performance, correct your posture to avoid injuries and decrease your recovery times.

Our brains and bodies are connected through our spinal cord and its millions of nerves that work as electrical cables, moving information and energy from every part of our body (muscles, glands, organs, etc.). This system is covered with bone: the spine. Stress, a bad posture, poorly healed trauma, etc., create blockages, pressure and tension on the spine. This prevents the correct flow of energy and information around our body. These obstructions affect our health, vitality and glow, thus reducing our energy and our body’s defences and making us more vulnerable to illness.

Working with their hands, chiropractors gently correct the spine, restoring a correct brain to body connection.

The chiropractic care activation programme by Quiropràctic del Molí is recommended for fans of active tourism and outdoor sports.

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265 €

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