Chiropractic care treatment

Description of treatment

Your pain can become chronic, avoid it with chiropractic!!!

Pain is a localised perception that can be more or less intense, annoying or unpleasant and should be treated as soon as possible.

It can affect the emotional, social and economic state.

We propose a special treatment plan to relieve pain, restore energy, vitality and achieve a better posture in a short time.

Everything you need to know about our Chiropractic care treatment

Is sport part of your life and do you want to enjoy the many activities available in Andorra? We can also help you to pursue your passion with preparation and safety. Chiropractic activates your nervous system to increase your performance, corrects your posture to avoid injuries and reduces your recovery time.

The brain and the body are connected through the spinal cord and its millions of nerves that work like electrical wires, transporting information and energy to every part of our body (muscles, glands, organs, etc.). This system is protected by the spinal column. Stress, bad posture, poorly healed injuries create blockages and tensions that the chiropractor corrects by restoring the proper functioning of our body.

This programme is recommended for everyone.

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265 €

Price per person