Nasal Health and Quality of Life

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Nasal health and quality of life is a proposal from the Maria Colomé Rhinological Clinic, for the improvement of health and well-being, through improved nasal and breathing health.

This is an excellent opportunity to enjoy a fully functioning nose—thanks to a complete diagnosis, orientation, and treatment—in an environment that invites you to enjoy the five senses.

Good breathing is essential to enjoy a good quality of life.

When a person suffers from respiratory problems, their physical well-being is affected because it impacts the cardiovascular, neurological, vascular, and muscular systems, among others.

But it also affects your mental and emotional well-being. Good oxygenation of the body favours mental clarity, emotional balance, and personal relationships.

However, nasal problems are too often overlooked.

  • Do you feel that your sports performance is not what you would like?
  • Do you get tired right away and does that make you lose the desire to do things?
  • Lately you feel like you are not recovering while you sleep?
  • Do you have problems with your partner because you snore or do apnoea?
  • You have trouble assuming the changes and this “drowns you”?
  • Your skin loses flexibility and radiance?
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*The investment in this programme will be discounted from the surgical treatments that may be carried out later on.

*Visits are on Fridays; times to be arranged.

Have you ever stopped to think about whether you are breathing correctly?

complete diagnosis is the best way to ensure good nasal health and thus improve the health and general well-being of the person.

Dr. Colomé, founder of the Rhinological Clinic—the only clinic in Spain specialised exclusively in the nose—and head of the Teknon Medical Centre, personally visits all patients.

With more than 25 years of experience, Dr. Colomé has improved the nasal health and quality of life of thousands of patients.

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350 €

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