Plantar fasciitis

Description of treatment

This condition concentrates many visits at the level of medical services in general. Both general practitioners, physiotherapists, podiatrists, and orthopaedists specialise in foot and ankle pathology.

Unfortunately, on many occasions, this final class is attended too late or when the disease is already severe.

We offer 20 years of experience in the diagnosis and treatment of this disease. Numerous scientific publications, anatomical studies, and book chapters exist in our specialty. Numerous appearances as an expert at medical conventions.

What is plantar fasciitis

Grouped under the name “Talalgia,” which means heel pain in Latin (Heel pain in English), there are several diseases, of which the most frequent and popular is PLANTAR FASCITIS, without forgetting others such as posterior tibial nerve compressions (neurological origin) grouped under the name DISTAL TARSIAN TUNNEL SYNDROME. Those mixed forms where Plantar Fasciitis is combined with neurological compression MIXED TALGIAS.

Although most cases will be resolved during the first three months with simple treatments, which include Physiotherapy, stretching, etc. A significant number of patients do not solve their problem, and it becomes chronic. These patients suffer considerably from great limitations in their daily life, work, sports, and social.

Obtaining a good diagnosis goes through a thorough interrogation, a clinical examination in expert hands, as well as an ECOGRAPHIC examination, which is essential.

Sometimes imaging tests such as Nuclear Magnetic Resonance may be necessary.

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