Wellness Treatments and Thermal Baths

Wellness tourism experiences and spas in Andorra to nourish your wellbeing

Wellbeing tourism

Enjoy a calm and well-being stay

The wellness and thermal bath treatment experiences are wellness tourism experiences created especially for those looking to relax, disconnect from their everyday life and enjoy a trip full of calm and wellbeing.

Additionally, our wellness and thermal bath treatment experiences mainly include thermal circuit and spa programmes in Andorra, relaxing and Ayurvedic massages, yoga and outdoor activities, as well as personal care and emotional management programmes, amongst others.

Wellness Tourism

Our Wellness and Thermal Bath Programmes

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El arte de cuidar tu piel

The art of skin care

Designed specially to help you disconnect from your daily routine, reconnect with yourself, restore your glow and discover what you’ve got!
Programa Yoga y Ayurveda

Yoga & Ayurveda Programme

A formula that combines Ayurveda to achieve physical and mental harmony with nature; together with yoga, which also allows us to work on the search for balance and health, both physical and mental.
Escapada romántica

Romantic Getaway

Take a romantic getaway to Andorra and live an unforgettable experience: the pleasure of good rest and disconnecting in the best company.
Reconexión termal

Thermal Reconnection

Thermal water provides muscle relaxation, releases tension, oxygenates the body, improves circulation and releases endorphins, which generate pleasurable sensations of well-being and happiness.
Programa Yoga y Ayurveda (2 noches)

Yoga and Ayurveda Programme (2 nights)

A combination of Ayurveda, a medicinal method based on achieving physical and mental harmony with nature, with yoga.
Reconexion termal terapeutica

Therapeutic Thermal Reconnection

The combination of treatments stimulate blood flow, lower blood pressure and remove excess fat from the skin.
Tratamiento anti estress

Antistress Treatment

The integrative check-up and treatment goes beyond the conventional check-up, restoring energy balance and treating stress at the source.
Escapada Bienestar

Wellness Getaway

We offer you the ideal plan for a complete reset in an exclusive suite with the best views in Andorra. Massage and spa, and so much more.
El arte de cuidarse

The art of taking care of yourself

Start a new healthy life, with comprehensive advice on healthy habits, conscious eating and personal image.
Experiencia Antiestress

Anti stress experience

The anti-stress getaway "VITE FAIT BIEN FAIT" in Andorra is aimed at people with a very demanding job that hardly leaves them time to relax. A weekend to relax your body and mind.
Body Sculpture. Park Piolets (1)

Body Sculpture

Comprehensive energy and organic silhouette program. Protects, heals and purifies the body and mind. Includes personalised training advice and a spa circuit session.
Body Balance. Park Piolets (2)

Body Balance

Anti-stress programme to disconnect from the daily routine and lower corticoid levels. Through the aromatherapy of essential oils, you will achieve a balance of peace and inner serenity.
wellness experience 1

Therapeutic Massages

Therapeutic massages help to release stress and pain through natural balance at different levels: physical, mental, energetic and emotional.

Rituals of Harmony

Exceptional time for you or to share as a couple. With our rituals, you can feel the pleasure of connecting your body with your soul, and balancing your essence.
SCIO Quantum

Complementary Therapies

Discover the benefits of our customized therapies, as Reiki, Tibetan bowls or bioresonance... All of them are genuine options for your well-being.
WEA massatge Shiatzu

Coaching & NLP

With our personal support programs, difficult personal and professional problems can be overcome.
WEA.bols tibetans

Integral Care Plans

These plans are designed to obtain a real and lasting balance for the complete care of your being.

Thermal Escape one night

If you are looking to disconnect and spend two days of absolute relaxation, with a night in a hotel included.

Thermal Escape

Welcome to the Thermal Getaway without accommodation at the Hotel Spa Termas Carlemany Andorra.
Be Forest Senior Andorra

Be forest senior

During a quiet walk in a forest, relaxation techniques are used to slow down the body and mind, to facilitate the connection with nature.
Be Forest Andorra AHD 4

Be forest family

Through a guided experience, activities will be proposed to focus on connecting with the environment.
Be Forest Experience Andorra

Be forest experience

During a quiet walk in a forest, relaxation techniques are used to decelerate the body and mind to facilitate the connection with nature.

Relax with abundance of calm and wellbeing

The wellness tourism experiences, included in the wellness treatments and thermal baths section, have been created mainly for people looking to disconnect from the stress of everyday life. Time to relax, pamper yourself and immerse your senses in a place that brings you calm, relaxation and wellbeing.


Disconnect from the stress of everyday life and pamper yourself.

These types of treatments include a wide variety of experiences, such as programmes to learn how to care for the skin in a natural way, romantic getaways to enjoy the best spas in Andorra, yoga programmes with Ayurvedic massages and activities in the middle of nature, couples therapy sessions to learn how to manage emotions, weight loss and nutrition programmes and music therapy, coaching and breathing activities, among others.

These wellness and thermal bath treatments are created with the aim of helping people to eliminate stress and problems of insomnia or anxiety, among others, and to give them the opportunity to enjoy a stay of relaxation, calm, balance and well-being that will help them to improve their lives in all aspects.

Why Choose Us

Your well-being is our priority

We are experts in selecting the best stays and the best wellness and thermal bath treatments for you to enjoy. We offer you the best experiences so that you can immerse yourself in an oasis of calm and wellbeing.

Quality experiences

Our priority is to offer you experiences of the highest quality so that you can feel at home and relax. To do this, we have selected only the best spas, the best personal care centres and the best hotels in Andorra. We know that you are looking for a unique stay and we will help you create it and enjoy it.

We know what you need

We endeavour to create programmes of combined activities that help you to eliminate stress and daily worries and immerse yourself in an oasis of calm, relaxation and wellbeing. We create dedicated experiences so that you can relax body and mind and enjoy an unforgettable stay in Andorra.

We take care of everything for you

A wellness holiday deserves to be enjoyed. That's why we offer you comprehensive programmes with which you won't need to think about anything and you can sit back and enjoy. Focus on enjoying the moment, as we take care of everything for you; hotel, experiences, activities and much more.


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