Nutrireset by Eva Grau

Nutrireset is a centre that combines beauty treatments alongside relaxation and wellness programmes to promote physical and mental health.

This beauty and wellness centre offers its clients a wide variety of services using natural, sustainable and vegan products that give the experiences it offers added value and quality.

From complete beauty, skin and personal care experiences to 100% personalised nutritional advice sessions.

All this is what you can find in one of the best rated beauty centres in the country.



Experiences at Nutrireset

Treatments and experiences offered by Nutrireset.

El arte de cuidarse _ Nutrireset _ Andorra Health Destination

The Art of taking care of yourself

It is an exclusive programme created just for you. Thanks to it you will start a new healthy life, with a comprehensive advice on healthy habits, conscious eating and personal image.

El arte de cuidar tu piel _ Nutrireset _ Andorra Health Destination

The Art of Skin Care

One of the programmes specially designed to help you disconnect from your daily routine so that you can connect with your essence and rediscover all that you are worth.

About Nutrireset

Specialising in caring for people's wellbeing.

Specialised in taking care of people’s wellbeing, Nutrireset offers its clients complete experiences of relaxation, calm and wellbeing on both a physical and mental level.

In the field of facial treatments, for example, Nutrireset offers a wide range of services ranging from facelifting treatments to lymphatic drainage, eyebrow and lip waxing and personalised peelings for each type of skin.

Likewise, in the field of body treatments, Nutrireset offers complete lymphatic drainages also suitable for pregnant women, as well as postpartum treatment programmes with hypopressive exercises.

In addition, in terms of relaxation, personal care and wellness rituals, the centre also offers facial massages that help to rejuvenate the face, reduce wrinkles and slow down the ageing process to look young, fresh and healthy for longer.

And if you are looking to learn about how to nourish yourself better, with the “Cooking the change” programme you will learn how to implement healthy lifestyle habits in your daily life and you will be introduced to vegan or vegetarian cooking in an easy and fun way. All so you can focus on taking care of yourself.


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