Som Salut

Som Salut is one of the best rated clinics in Andorra, offering a wide range of health and wellness services with patient accompaniment and 24-hour care.

Som Salut operates in the field of medicine and cosmetic surgery, dietetics and nutrition, nursing, maternity, podiatry, health and sport, mental health and home care. They offer a wide range of health tourism experiences created for you to enjoy a stay to take care of yourself on every level.



Experiences at Som Salut

Treatments and experiences offered by Som Salut.

Escapada Terapeutica en pareja

Couple Therapy Getaway

A weekend program in an ideal environment to improve couple communication.
Programa de adelgazamiento

Weight loss treatment

Eliminate toxins and lose weight supervised by medical professionals specialised in aesthetics and dietetics.
About Som Salut

Comprehensive and 100% personalised professional attention

Located in a privileged location, the Som Salut clinic is committed to offering their patient comprehensive and 100% personalised professional care, whatever the treatment required. Catering for diverse health care needs, Som Salut offers medical, medical-aesthetic and mental health services that allow the patient to find the treatment that best suits their needs while having a 100% satisfactory experience.

Within the field of medicine and surgery, Som Salut operates in the fields of rehabilitation, neurosurgery, otorhinolaryngology, pediatrics and rheumatology, as well as medicine and cosmetic facial and body surgery.

They are committed to diet and nutrition services adapted to each patient and to offering nursing services for the elderly and convalescent, as well as offering diagnosis and treatment for foot conditions through complete podiatric procedures.

In addition, and for a more complete offer, Som Salut also operates in the field of psychiatry, psychology and mental health for both adults and children, making it a great option for those patients who are looking for a health tourism experience for pleasure. or out of necessity.


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