The art of healthy eating: enjoying good nutritional health

Did you know that eating healthy is an art?

Eating is much more than just putting food in our mouths; it is a whole process. And it all starts at the store, when we choose the food we buy, and ends at our plate, when we consciously eat what we have been cooking and preparing with so much pleasure.

Everyone knows that eating good, healthy food is very important to keep the body functioning at 100% and to enjoy the energy and vitality that characterize us. But it is true that with daily tasks, tight schedules and our lifestyle, eating healthy can seem difficult.

The immediate consequence is the onset of diseases such as obesity or diabetes. We often eat poorly because we don’t have time to prepare elaborate recipes or to select the best foods that are already difficult to find.

Although this becomes more of an excuse than a reality, because eating healthy and having a balanced diet has nothing to do with spending long hours cooking or creating complicated recipes. Eating healthy is really easy when we know how to do it, and ends up becoming a great pleasure.

That is why today we want to show you some of the nutritional recipes that you will discover in Andorra to learn how to eat healthy and follow a balanced diet.

Consequences of poor nutrition

Food plays a fundamental role in our lives. It is commonly known that we are what we eat, and it is true that a healthy and balanced diet gives us the energy and vitality that our body needs to face the day to day and avoid certain diseases related to nutrition habits.

The problem arises when, due to the pace of society and day-to-day tasks, we no longer control what we eat and we opt for eating fast and precooked food for a long time.

At this point, and in the most severe cases, problems of memory impairment, digestive problems, insomnia, poor sports performance, anemia, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity, among others, may begin to appear.

In addition, a poor and unbalanced diet directly affects our energy and vitality levels, causing us to feel fatigued, apathetic, unenergetic and even inflamed, sad and unmotivated. Poor nutrition can therefore be detrimental for our lives.

The importance of taking care of ourselves

As we were saying, taking care of our diet is taking care of ourselves at all levels, since an unbalanced diet can lead to serious problems if we prolong this type of diet for a long time.

So when we take care of our diet and eat in a balanced way, our body gets the necessary vitamins to develop our body functions at 100% and keep us strong, vital, energetic and healthy.

A good diet strengthens our immune system, promotes healthy hair and skin, strengthens our bones and prevents related diseases such as osteoporosis. It also regulates intestinal traffic, improves brain performance, protects the heart and improves our mood, making us feel more energetic, active, happy and motivated, among others.

For this reason, we can say that having a balanced diet is really vital to enjoy good health at all levels and feel good about ourselves, since our diet has a direct impact on the physical, mental and emotional well-being. In addition, when it comes to slimming diets, having a very structured diet made by a professional is essential to ensure nutritional balance and the achievement of goals in a safe and healthy way.

Learn how to follow a healthy diet in Andorra

Som Salut’s slimming program. Did you know that it is possible to lose weight following a balanced diet without starving yourself? With the Som Salut weight loss program you can learn how to follow a diet that allows you to lose weight in a healthy way while enjoying your meals.

Thanks to its 7 days and 6 nights plan, you will be able to eliminate toxins and lose weight in an intensive and safe way, since you will enjoy a first visit with a nutritionist who will determine your body composition and adjust the parameters of the diet to your needs.

In addition, you will have a session of cavitation and medical pressotherapy that will help you lose localized fat, tighten and refine the skin so you can enjoy a younger and healthier appearance. You will also have a powerful lymphatic drainage that will help you prevent cellulite and eliminate liquids, fats, toxins, edemas and varicose veins.

Thus, this program includes a 90-minute visit with a personal trainer to create a personalized plan and achieve your body goals in the shortest time possible. It also includes a radiofrequency session, a circulatory massage, a motivational visit with a psychologist, a draining peeling and an anti-cellulite massage with cold bandages, therefore, you can count on one of the most complete programs in Andorra in terms of nutrition and slimming.

You will achieve everything you have always wanted in an easy, fast and safe way from the best professionals in the country.

“The Art of Taking Care of Yourself”, by Nutrireset. This programme is aimed at those who want to know the keys to a healthy life and to establish good habits for a balanced diet. In addition, it includes several complementary sub-programmes, such as a brisk walk in nature, a hypopressive exercise session and lymphatic drainage, which will help you to eliminate fluids and toxins and promote circulation.

It also includes a video call to prepare a personalized “Healthy Eating” plan, which will teach you to be aware of what you buy and eat, as well as a weekly follow-up call to ensure the success of the plan. In addition, you will enjoy a 4-week follow-up from a professional who will help you implement healthy lifestyle habits and teach you how to properly nourish yourself to achieve your goals easily, quickly and safely.

All this so that you can start having a good relationship with your food and become conscious of the food you buy, cook, prepare and eat.

Now that you know some of the outstanding options to learn how to eat healthy and lose weight easily, quickly and safely, you will know that healthy eating is the key to enjoy good health both physically, mentally and emotionally, as well as to achieve your personal body goals.

And you, do you want to take care of your insides in a healthy way? See you at Andorra Health Destination!

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