Glow Treatment


Treatment to reveal luminosity, and reduce wrinkles and expression lines. Treatment based on deep cleansing, skin hydration and a cocktail of vitamins that will maintain the luminosity, healthy and youthful appearance of the skin.

AQUAPEEL has different applicators that aim to remove dead skin cells and other impurities. will use techniques such as electroporation to nourish the skin and help products penetrate used. Thanks to microcurrents, it tightens the skin, redefines the jawline and skies and regenerates elastin and collagen.

Finish with cold or heat depending on the type of skin and its needs.

After performing a deep cleaning we will perform a radiofrequency that offers the result of a more third, firm skin, managing to hide small wrinkles of the skin. In addition, it provides luminosity to the face to eliminate the appearance of tired skin. This technique is considered as mini lifting, since immediately after the first session you can observe results. Radio frequency with Legend pro goes beyond a conventional radio frequency, since its more intensive technology allows you to generate collagen more effectively.

With its heads we can activate all the layers of the skin and muscles of the face to achieve global tightening.

We continue this treatment with a facial mesotherapy, based on the injection into the skin of vitamins, minerals and hyaluronic acid, substances with beneficial properties for skin health.

Facial hydration is a treatment that consists of renewing, nourishing and hydrate from the deepest layers. Dehydrated skin has a appearance of tired and inflexible skin, with more and without lines of expression light.

We obtain a luminous face with a soft and third texture. This treatment it also serves to prevent wrinkles and aging.

The completion of this treatment with photodynamic therapy with LED light to fight against skin aging using a wavelength red with which we regenerate the collagen fibers of the skin with activation of fibroblasts.

  • Deep cleansing treatment, skin hydration and vitamin cocktail
  • Radiofrequency treatment (mini facelift)
  • Facial mesotherapy
  • Photodynamic therapy
  • Travel to Andorra
  • Accommodation
  • Accommodation in Andorra
  • Complementary health and wellness activities (massages, treatments, etc.).
  • Leisure activities, to enjoy the surroundings.



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