Clinica Quantum

Quantum are specialists in facial and body treatments, they offer skin treatments for the elimination of flaccidity, wrinkles, and imperfections, using the most innovative techniques in the field of aesthetic medicine to achieve a rejuvenated appearance and delay the aging process. All of these treatments are explained and executed under strict control and medical criteria in order to obtain optimal results.

Their professional team will advise you to solve those problems that most concern you.

In a first consultation, they look at your wishes and needs in order to recommend the most appropriate treatment.

In the same way, they will follow up to make sure that the desired result has been achieved.



Treatments with Clínica Quantum

Treatments and experiences offered by Clínica Quantum.

Tratamiento Glow _ Clínica Quantum _ Andorra Health Destination

Glow Treatment

Treatment to reveal luminosity, and reduce wrinkles and expression lines. Includes deep cleansing, skin hydration and more.

Tratamiento iluminación y firmeza + 30 años _ Clinica Quantum _ Andorra Health Destination

Illumination and firming treatment + 30 years

Treatment indicated for people over 40 years of age with dull, flaccid skin and a lack of density.

Tratamiento prevención patologías de la piel - Clinica Quantum - Andorra Health Destination

Skin Pathology Prevention Treatment

Many skin pathologies can now be avoided or detected early through prevention.

ABOUT Clínica Quantum

Passion for health and beauty and the desire to make people feel good.

Quantum is a professional clinic resulting from a passion for health and beauty and the desire to make people feel good. Their team has excellent professionals who will help you find a solution to your problems,
always based on excellence.

They work with the most innovative techniques of aesthetic medicine.

The Quantum clinic is specially decorated, thinking of creating a warm and harmonious environment and with the aim of creating well-being for all our patients.