Skin Pathology Prevention Treatment


Many skin pathologies, such as melanomas, can now be avoided or detected early through prevention.Melanoma is a malignant skin tumour with a good prognosis as long as it is detected early.

Dermatologists detect suspicious lesions that require either an extraction or close surveillance. Other types of non-melanoma skin cancer can also be treated if detected early.

The skin is the most visible organ of the human body, and also one of the most susceptible. It helps us prevent dehydration, protects us from viruses and bacteria, regulates temperature and generates Vitamin D thanks to solar exposure amongst other essential roles.

Dermatologists recommend that everyone performs periodic self-monitoring of their skin.

Recommended guidelines to keep in mind

  • Symmetry in the axes
  • Irregular surroundings
  • Different colours
  • Diameter of more than 6 mm
  • Evolution or changes


According to the latest research, those people who perform periodic dermatological examinations on their skin are more likely to be diagnosed with the initial stages of melanoma than those who do not.

In other words, the suspicious moes found and subsequently removed by the specialists during the examinations carried out were present only in the superficial layers of the skin (the epidermis) or 1 mm below the epidermis. These lesions are called melanomas in situ, “stage 0” or “stage 1”.

At Quantum, we propose a complete checkup with our professionals that begins with an exhaustive examination with the most advanced technology to map the skin and diagnose suspicious lesions or skin cancer in time.

In the case of finding suspicious lesions, we proceed to the immediate excision of all those that our professional deems appropriate.

In the case of needing to make a more exhaustive diagnosis, a biopsy of the affected part of the skin is performed and sent for lab analysis.

In the case of blemishes or melasma caused by excessive sun exposure, genetics, taking medications, hormonal changes, pregnancy, or aggressive cosmetics, treatment is planned individually according to the patient’s skin type, the type of blemish, the sensitivity of each skin type, as well as the area to be treated.

We have state-of-the-art equipment that allows us to use one treatment or another, depending on the type of injury.

  • 1 individualised consultation
  • Map of the skin
  • Exhaustive diagnosis
  • Biopsy
  • Transport to Andorra
  • Accommodation
  • Accommodation in Andorra
  • Complementary health and wellness activities (massages, treatments, etc.).
  • Leisure activities, to enjoy the surroundings.



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