About Us

Andorran Association for Health and Wellness Tourism

About Us

Andorran Business Association

Andorra Health Destination, promoted and supported by Andorra Business, is an Andorran association of companies that offer a quality health experience focused on consumers and tourists who are concerned about taking care of their body and mind.

The global trend indicates that health is a value increasingly demanded by our visitors.

We offer you, in the healthy environment of Andorra and through Andorra Health Destination, professionals and experiences of high value that will allow you to fully enjoy our great little country.






Our associates

Who Andorra Health Destination is currently made up of

Andorra Health Destination currently has 18 members

Andorra Health Destination is currently made up of 18 members that meet high quality standards in their service and products. Sportsmen and women, nature lovers, couples, families and adventurers will find their health destination in Andorra.

Specialised medical, beauty and wellness centres, associated with
Andorra Health Destination, have the best expert and highly trained staff. You can expect the same high quality from the associated hotels and spas, allowing you to sit back and enjoy.

Why choose us

We are experts in selecting the best health and wellness experiences.

We create experiences for you to enjoy. We offer you a variety of activities to take care of your health inside and out.
Do you want to know what we can do for you?

Quality experiences

We have selected the best activities in the country for you to enjoy a stay of high value and quality.


Clinics and centres selected with the best personalised care. Your customer experience is the most important part.

Well-being as a priority

We prioritise your health and wellbeing by offering you experiences that help you take care of yourself inside and out.

Natural paradise

Live an experience in a truly unique setting. Enjoy the landscapes of Andorra and feel the calm of our idyllic country.

Welcome to Andorra

We offer you a selection of proposals to enjoy our country. Health and wellness experiences and getaways.