Relax and enjoy a getaways to Andorra

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Solo Traveller

If you are someone that likes to travel with complete and utter independence, these are for you. Andorra Health Destination offers countless programmes for you to enjoy your experience as you wish and at your own pace. Say goodbye to the everyday rush of life; relax and give yourself a break to take care of yourself.

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Couples' getaway

Enjoy Andorra’s charm with the one you love most. Whether you are looking to enjoy a thermal waters spa trip or you prefer to opt for outdoor activities or even a couple’s therapy getaway, these options for two are ideal to get out of your daily routine and enjoy romantic moments in a magical location that will rekindle your love.

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Getaway for groups

If you are traveling with family or friends, our group getaways are the best option for you. You will be able to enjoy outdoor group activities such as hiking tours, as well as experiences such as yoga classes, meditation sessions, which everybody will love. Shared quality time with those close to you, to remember forever.

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Personalised getaway

If you prefer to go for a getaway made especially for you, then this is what you’re looking for. We just need to know what you’d like to do during your stay and together we will create a personalised experience plan with the activities that best suit your preferences. Create, experience, savour and enjoy your experience.

Andorra is waiting for you!

Are you a solo traveller? Are you travelling with your partner, your family or with a group of people? Would you prefer to be able to completely personalise your getaway to Andorra?

No matter how you prefer to travel, Andorra Health Destination offers you a vast selection of options to make your stay in Andorra a truly unforgettable experience.

Discover the incredible options we have prepared for you, choose from our wide selection of experiences and programmes, and easily find your ideal getaway. Your whole experience will be optimally organised for you to be able to forget about your day to day and fully focus on enjoying your getaway to its full potential. Sports, medical treatments, personal care, health, wellness and much more.


Health and Wellness Experiences

Experiences to live and love Andorra

Medical Treatments

We offer personalised service to advise on the best medical treatments for your needs.

Sports Medicine Treatments

We study the effects of sport and physical activity in general.

Wellness and Thermal Baths Treatments

Wellness treatments to enjoy individually or as a couple.

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Find your ideal experience

Thousands of health and wellness experiences for all kinds of needs. Choose yours, relax and focus on enjoying yourself.


People seeking diagnosis, treatment or second medical opinions for various pathologies, especially osteoarthritis, dental problems requiring implants or chronic pain in the knees, shoulders, ankles and hips. The patient is accompanied throughout the entire process and revolutionary treatments using adult stem cells, among others, are used.


Sports medicine treatments created especially for sportsmen and women looking to improve their physical performance, treat different pathologies and improve their quality of life. The best clinics and specialists in Andorra for diagnosis and treatment of foot, ankle, knee, shoulder, hip, posture, nasal health, chronic pain and much more.


Wellness and thermal bath treatments created for people looking to eliminate daily stress and immerse themselves in an oasis of calm, relaxation, personal care, health and physical and mental wellbeing. Also for people looking to discover themselves and learn to manage their emotions through therapies such as mindfulness, yoga or Ayurveda.


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