Group Getaways

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Getaways to enjoy in a group

Are you travelling with family or friends? Our group getaways are designed so that you can all enjoy unique moments in the idyllic surroundings of Andorra.

Whether you are looking for a relaxing experience, such as a thermal bath or a massage with essential oils, or if you prefer a getaway to enjoy outdoor sports, such as hiking, horseback riding or yoga classes, at Andorra Health Destination you will find the perfect getaway to enjoy just as you prefer.

Immerse yourself in one of our experiences that include yoga, tai chi, music therapy, reiki, nature and meditation activities or treat yourself to a thermal baths weekend at Caldea and enjoy the magic of Andorra’s natural paradise.

Group Getaways

Experiences for groups

Enjoy Andorra with these getaways for groups. 

Programa Yoga y Ayurveda (2 noches)

Yoga and Ayurveda Programme (2 nights)

A combination of Ayurveda, a medicinal method based on achieving physical and mental harmony with nature, with yoga.
Programa Yoga y Ayurveda

Yoga & Ayurveda Programme (6 Nights)

A formula that combines Ayurveda to achieve physical and mental harmony with nature; together with yoga, which also allows us to work on the search for balance and health.


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Variety of experiences created for you to enjoy your stay.

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