Couple Getaways

Enjoy a dream getaway with the ones you love the most

A unique and unforgettable experience

Our couple’s getaways are designed so that you can immerse yourself in a unique and unforgettable experience that will allow you to reconnect in a special way.

Whether you are looking for an experience that allows you to relax, such as a thermal getaway with accommodation and a romantic programme, or if you prefer a more in-depth experience in which you can learn to work on your emotions as a couple, at Andorra Health Destination you will find the perfect getaway to relieve your daily stress, immerse yourself in a relaxing atmosphere and pamper yourselves as much as you like.

A stay with entrance to Caldea and a relaxing massage, a couple’s therapy session or a mountain activity such as hiking or horse riding are just some of the experiences we have prepared for you, because we know that pampering and enjoying yourselves as a couple is priceless!

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Couple Experiences

Our Couple Getaway Experiences

To enjoy unique and original experiences in good company.

escapada saludable

Chiropractic care treatment

Relieve pain, restore energy, vitality and achieve a better posture in a short time. This programme is recommended for everyone.
Reconexión termal

Thermal Reconnection

Thermal water provides muscle relaxation, releases tension, oxygenates the body, improves circulation and releases endorphins, which generate pleasurable sensations of well-being and happiness.
Programa Yoga y Ayurveda

Yoga & Ayurveda Programme

A formula that combines Ayurveda to achieve physical and mental harmony with nature; together with yoga, which also allows us to work on the search for balance and health, both physical and mental.
Escapada romántica

Romantic Getaway

Take a romantic getaway to Andorra and live an unforgettable experience: the pleasure of good rest and disconnecting in the best company.
Escapada Bienestar

Wellness Getaway

We offer you the ideal plan for a complete reset in an exclusive suite with the best views in Andorra. Massage and spa, and so much more.
Programa Yoga y Ayurveda (2 noches)

Yoga and Ayurveda Programme (2 nights)

A combination of Ayurveda, a medicinal method based on achieving physical and mental harmony with nature, with yoga.
Experiencia Antiestress

Anti stress experience

The anti-stress getaway "VITE FAIT BIEN FAIT" in Andorra is aimed at people with a very demanding job that hardly leaves them time to relax.
Reconexion termal terapeutica

Therapeutic Thermal Reconnection

The combination of treatments stimulate blood flow, lower blood pressure and remove excess fat from the skin.


Personalised getaways

Truly unique experiences tailored to you and all your needs.

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Variety of experiences created for you to enjoy your stay.

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