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Andorra is the health and wellness tourist destination par excellence. Thanks to its varied offer, it is able to provide you with an infinite number of health, relaxation and wellness experiences so that you can enjoy a unique and unforgettable stay, whether alone, as a couple, in a group or in a 100% personalised experience tailored to your needs.

Relaxing stays in its spas and thermal water centres, medical visits with the best medical specialists or complete programmes to take care of yourself inside and out are just some of the experiences you can enjoy with Andorra Health Destination.

All of them are designed for you to complement your trip and enjoy a stay dedicated just for you. 

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Medical Treatments

The best specialists and the highest rated clinics in Andorra are at your disposal, to enjoy a medical tourism experience that will help you treat osteoarthritis or dental problems, amongst many others. Comprehensive programmes that use revolutionary technology, such as stem cell treatments, to treat different pathologies with a 100% personalised focus.

Sports Medicine Treatments

Out sports medicine treatments are designed to treat different pathologies in athletes who need treatments adapted to their needs, such as cyclists, skiers or runners, among others, We also offer programmes for people who suffer from chronic pain and seek to alleviate and treat pathologies with the best medical team in the country.

Wellness Treatments and Termal Baths

Designed for those looking to relieve stress and daily tensions and immerse themselves in an oasis of calm, relaxation and wellbeing through the different wellness programmes offered by Andorra Health Destination. Relaxing thermal baths in the best thermal water spas, Ayurvedic massages and mindfulness activities to balance emotions and find equilibrium and wellbeing.

bancos de celulas madre adultas

Adult Stem Cell Bank

Recommended for anyone between 20 and 60 years of age who wants to preventively preserve their own stem cells.
tratamiento cellstem

Arthrosis treatment with Adult Stem Cells

For anyone between the ages of 20 and 75 who has osteoarthritis.
implantes dentales

Dental Implants in 1 Day

Surgery performed in our dental clinic, with local anesthesia to return the smile and masticatory functionality to the patient.
estrena sonrisa

New Smile

The treatment consists of the placement of ceramic dental veneers to restore the aesthetic, color and ideal shape of the teeth.
cirugia minimamente invasiva

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Experience in Minimally invasive surgery, to treat the most frequent conditions of foot surgery.
segunda opinion medica

Second Medical Opinion

We see patients who go from doctor to doctor without finding a solution. Dr Rabat brings his many years of experience to help.
Tratamiento del dolor cronico

Pain Treatment

Pain is one of the main reasons for medical consultation and one of the most frequent health problems in the adult population.
Casting de Nariz

Nose Casting

See what you would look like with a cosmetic nose job; reactivate your personality and improve your emotional wellbeing.
Prevención esquiador

Prevention of skiing injuries

Improve the prevention of skiing injuries. Innovative system that combines the cameras of Younext 4D Motion Capture and the Podoactiva Ski simulator.

Balance for Runners

Special programme for runners to exercise safely. Personalised treatment for runners, focusing on a holistic and combined treatment.

Nasal Health

Nasal health and quality of life is a programme for the improvement of health and well-being, through improved nasal and breathing health.
Salud Postural

Postural Health

We will provide corrective knowledge of body position by re-educating the body. Designed for people coming out of an injury, suffering from chronic pain, pregnant women and post-operative patients.
tratamientos medico deportivos

Balance for Cyclists

Special programmes for amateurs and sports professionals in which traditional medicine is combined with the techniques and methods of Biomedicine.
preparacion fisica alto rendimiento

High performance physical preparation

Physical preparation treatment for people who want to start a training programme or improve their current performance.
Chequeo y tratamiento integrativo

Integrative checkup and treatment

Biomedicine techniques and methods are used as a complement to traditional medicine with very satisfactory results. Look after yourself holistically.
fascitis plantar

plantar fasciitis

This condition concentrates a large number of visits to specialists in foot and ankle pathology. +20 years of experience in the diagnosis and treatment of this disorder.
Tratamiento del dolor en deportistas

Pain treatment for athletes

Avoiding injuries and pain in athletes is an impossible task not only for professional athletes but also for amateur athletes
Balance esquiador

Balance Ski

This innovative programme combines traditional medicine with biological medicine, taking account of the whole person, with a holistic and comprehensive approach.
Prevención corredor

Prevention of Running Injuries

Running has become very trendy in recent years, more and more people are going running, increasing the number of injuries caused by this sport.
Patalogia del tobillo

Pathology of the ankle

Young patients, athletes, who usually have problems derived from ankle sprains that have not healed well. This is what is known as “chronic ankle instability”.
Recuperación Muscular

Muscle recovery treatment

Aimed at people who do sports training on a daily basis and want to increase their pace and capacity for muscle strength and recovery.
escapada saludable

Antistress Getaway

We propose a special treatment plan to relieve pain, restore energy, vitality and achieve a better posture in a short time. This programme is recommended for everyone.
El arte de cuidar tu piel

The art of skin care

Designed specially to help you disconnect from your daily routine, reconnect with yourself, restore your glow and discover what you’ve got!
Programa Yoga y Ayurveda

Yoga & Ayurveda Programme

A formula that combines Ayurveda to achieve physical and mental harmony with nature; together with yoga, which also allows us to work on the search for balance and health, both physical and mental.
Escapada romántica

Romantic Getaway

Take a romantic getaway to Andorra and live an unforgettable experience: the pleasure of good rest and disconnecting in the best company.
Plan Abrázate

Hug Yourself Plan

Disconnect from the stressful pace of the city, give yourself a short break to recharge in peace and harmony during the weekend.
Reconexión termal

Thermal Reconnection

Thermal water provides muscle relaxation, releases tension, oxygenates the body, improves circulation and releases endorphins, which generate pleasurable sensations of well-being and happiness.
El arte de cuidarse

The art of taking care of yourself

Start a new healthy life, with comprehensive advice on healthy habits, conscious eating and personal image.
Tratamiento anti estress

Antistress Treatment

The integrative check-up and treatment goes beyond the conventional check-up, restoring energy balance and treating stress at the source.
Programa de adelgazamiento

Weight Loss Programme

Eliminate toxins and lose weight in an intensive way supervised by professionals in aesthetics, dietetics and medicine.
Reconexion termal terapeutica

Therapeutic Thermal Reconnection

The combination of treatments stimulate blood flow, lower blood pressure and remove excess fat from the skin.
Experiencia Antiestress

Anti stress experience

The anti-stress getaway "VITE FAIT BIEN FAIT" in Andorra is aimed at people with a very demanding job that hardly leaves them time to relax.
Programa Yoga y Ayurveda (2 noches)

Yoga and Ayurveda Programme (2 nights)

A combination of Ayurveda, a medicinal method based on achieving physical and mental harmony with nature, with yoga.

"Feeling" plan for couples

Disconnect from the stressful pace of the city, stop and take a short break to recharge with peace and harmony throughout the weekend.
Zen Mood

Zen Mood

Designed to disconnect from the stressful pace of the city, stop and take a short break to recharge with peace and harmony during the weekend.
Escapada Bienestar

Wellness Getaway

We offer you the ideal plan for a complete reset in an exclusive suite with the best views in Andorra. Massage and spa, and so much more.
Escapada Terapeutica en pareja

Therapeutic Romantic Getaway

A weekend programme in an ideal environment to improve couple communication. Identify problems and work towards a solution.

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