The Art of Skin Care

Description of treatment

‘The Art of Skin Care’ is a programme designed specially to help you disconnect from your daily routine, reconnect with yourself, restore your glow and discover what you’ve got! May your time in Andorra and your visit to Nutrireset by Eva Grau mark a before and after in your life.

‘The art of skincare’ is a comprehensive programme created just for you. Maybe because your lifestyle doesn’t give you time to learn how to take care of yourself. Maybe because you need a makeover but don’t know where to start. Maybe you travel alone and need a personal shopper and image consultant to help you shop for clothes and cosmetics to avoid buying things you won’t use. Because less is more, with this programme you will learn to combine clothes and shoes as well as beauty products and how to make a good choice of menu when you eat out.

You will discover how your skin changes and relaxes with the minimum daily care and with visible results from the first moment.

Treatment information

Discover the art of feeling and looking beautiful. You will learn to prepare your skin and achieve the best results from these experiences:

  • Facial Yoga


  • Nutrireset Platinum Face Experience 

The Rolls Royce of cabin facial treatments.

An amazing treatment that instantly transforms your skin. As soon as you remove the mask, which is infused with pure platinum with an immediate firming and lifting action, your skin will be smooth and radiant. The firming and reshaping effect of the mask is enhanced by the power of massage that will redefine your face, toning and strengthening the muscle, resulting in a fast and effective facelift.

  • Signature Gua Sha Massage

Quite an awakening for your skin. Holistic rejuvenation facial massage, stimulating, invigorating and detoxifying. It combines the magic of my hands with the energy of the different minerals in the form of gua sha, to achieve the balance and harmony between beauty and well-being. A dance of hot and cold stones that will erase facial tension and oxygenate your skin.

Pure pleasure.

  • Sculptural Facial Massage (deep facial lifting)

This sculptural and moulding technique of non-invasive face lifting is a method for natural rejuvenation that produces a fast and effective facelift. It also uses the power of the hands to reshape the face. It is a deep massage of the facial muscles, toning, strengthening and relaxing the muscles. It also works in the psycho-emotional and energetic fields improving all your well-being.

Intraoral massage is also included.

  • Kobido Massage

Kobido means ‘old path of beauty’. Legend has it that for centuries it was one of the favourite therapies of Japanese empresses, who looked like they were made of porcelain.

The Kobido massage is combined with shiatsu techniques and points, a Japanese therapy that helps recover and balance the body’s energy. This massage releases the blockages of the facial musculature and neck, relaxing the tension zones that cause wrinkles, helping to rejuvenate the face and repair the facial tissue, preventing and reducing the impact of the ageing process. This massage causes a visible improvement in the skin. It gives luminosity, improves the tone, eliminates and prevents wrinkles, reduces eye puffiness and provides great hydration.

In addition, with ‘The Art of Skin Care’ programme, you will learn to highlight your beauty with natural makeup, learn to be aware of what and how you eat and to buy what suits you applying the concept of ‘less is more’.

Price of the programmes

Doesn't include

Includes the video call for the preparation of your new personalised Art of Skin Care plan, as well as two follow-up calls after your visit to ensure success.


750 €

Price of treatment