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Discover the benefits of our customized therapies, as Reiki, Tibetan bowls or bioresonance. All of them are genuine options for your well-being, without side effects and using a holistic approach to your being. As a result, you will play a more active role in your care, with more control and awareness over your health.

All these therapies take into account such important aspects of your physical, emotional, and mental health as your lifestyle, background, and habits. With the knowledge and intention of our specialist therapists, who direct the energy in the right direction and in the right amount, will eliminate any blockages you might have using energy points and channels.


Sound therapy 35 € y 60 €

The harmonic vibrations produced by the metal bowls travel throughout the body to the nervous system and internal organs. These vibrations eliminate muscle aches and headaches, as well as physical, mental and emotional blockages. The therapy stimulates the immune system, improves concentration and increases mental acuity.

Duration: 30 or 60 minutes


Reiki session 35 € y 60 €

Technique for channeling the energy of the universe (the KI) that acts in the physical, mental, emotional and also spiritual sphere, aligning the chakras and cleansing the aura. When that energy flows through our body, our defenses are active and our body can experience maximum well-being, obtaining peace and balance.

Duration: 30 or 60 minutes


Reconnective healing 60 €

Following the reconnection technique of Dr. Eric Pearl, tendons, muscles and fascia are unblocked, the body’s energy channels are released and, consequently, bioenergy (the “interface” between body and mind) flows again.

Duration: 60 minutes


Pendulum therapy 65 €

Through a sphere with 3 meridians, (electric, magnetic and electro-magnetic), the therapist intervenes into the field of dowsing. It’s a very complete therapy to balance energy points, elements, organs and emotions, among others. It has a great power to mobilize very deep levels, even from family constellations.

Duration: 60 minutes


Osteopathic massage therapy 65 €

The session harmonizes mobility restrictions and includes pathologies and dysfunctions of all the systems of the body: muscular, digestive, nervous, skeletal, respiratory, etc .; Approaching the body as an interrelated and indivisible whole.

Duration: 60 minutes


Scio Quantum therapy 85 €

This is a computerized system that reads the state of vibrational energy generated from a general test of the body’s bioenergy like “electronic signatures”. The test provides valuable information on hidden health problems or personal emotional complexes, helping to solve them.

Duration: 60 minutes

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