Wellness Experience

Wellness Experiencie is a health and wellness centre offering a wide range of services for those looking to take care of themselves inside and out. Its offer represents an oasis of relaxation and personal care to be enjoyed slowly, whether as an individual, couple, family or group.

Likewise, the centre is committed to combining health and wellness treatments with the idyllic surroundings of Andorra, which is why nature forms the majority of the settings for its proposals.

In addition, Wellness Experience offers complete programmes that include yoga, mindfulness, music therapy, Ayurvedic massages, reflexology, reiki, forest baths and coaching, among others, to create a unique and special stay, becoming a benchmark in terms of health and wellness tourism for those seeking to take care of themselves at all levels.



Experiences at Andorra Wellness Experience

Treatments and experiences offered by Wellness Experience.

Planes de cuidado integral _ Wellness Experience _ Andorra Health Destination

Integral Care Plans

These plans are designed to obtain a real and lasting balance for the complete care of your being.

Coaching y PNL _ Wellness Experience _ Andorra Health Destination

Coaching and PNL

With our personal support programs, difficult personal and professional problems can be overcome.

Terapias Complementarias _ Wellness Experience _ Andorra Health Destination

Complementary Therapies

Discover the benefits of our customized therapies, as Reiki, Tibetan bowls or bioresonance... All of them are genuine options for your well-being.

Rituales de harmonías _ Wellness Experience _ Andorra Health Destination

Rituals of Harmony

Exceptional time for you or to share as a couple. With our rituals, you can feel the pleasure of connecting your body with your soul, and balancing your essence.

Masajes Terapéuticos _ Wellness Experience _ Andorra Health Destination

Therapeutic Massages

Therapeutic massages help to release stress and pain through natural balance at different levels: physical, mental, energetic and emotional.

About Wellness Experience

Experiences to achieve a balance between body, mind and spirit.

Located in the heart of the Andorran paradise, Wellness Experience is committed to offering customers experiences that help them to improve their inner states and achieve a balance between body, mind and spirit.

Through activities such as yoga, reiki or mindfulness, Wellness Experience works to promote people’s health and to achieve harmony and balance on a physical, mental and emotional level.

To this end, Wellness Experience offers programmes that combine physical activities, such as yoga, pilates or tai chi, with Ayurvedic massages with essential oils to relax body and mind, as well as reflexology sessions, pranayama, music therapy with Tibetan singing bowls, meditation and forest baths, among others, which help to connect with the present moment, to manage emotions and to achieve a balance between body, mind and spirit.

Physical-sensory experiences to immerse yourself in an oasis of calm, relaxation and wellbeing that helps us to live more slowly, more consciously and in a much fuller way.


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