Dr Wreesmann 

Dr. Volkert B. Wreesmann MD PhD is an experienced doctor who specializes in both medical and surgical solutions to problems within the head and neck region. These include disorders of the ears, nose, sinuses, mouth, throat, voice, skin, face, neck, skull base, salivary and (para)thyroid glands, airway, and swallowing system.



Treatments with Dr Wreesmann

Treatments offered by Doctor Wreesmann

Dr Wreesmann.Segunda opinión sobre tumores benignos y cánceres

Second opinion on benign tumors and cancers

The head and neck region is one of the most essential, and complex areas of the human body.
Cirugía plástica y reconstructiva facial _ Dr Wreesmaan _ Andorra Health Destination

Facial Plastic and Reconstruction Surgery

The beauty of the facial ageing process is that we transform from the strength and vitality expressed by the young face, to the trustworthiness and credibility reflective of accumulated life experience and loss of naivety which is often described as ‘’character’’.

Laser treatment

Evaluation and treatment for vascular malformations and birthmarks are provided by expert physicians with years of experience in world-class institutions.
About Dr Wreesmann

Specialist head and neck doctor.

In addition to treating illness, Dr. Wreesmann has significant experience in plastic and reconstructive surgery of the head and neck region, and will be able to advise and treat patients in need of such treatment.

Dr. Wreesmann has worked for many years in world-renowned (cancer) hospitals in the United States and the United Kingdom, including Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and Oxford University Hospitals, and is qualified to provide valuable second opinions, in person, virtually, or on paper.

Dr. Wreesmann sees patients at Clinica Omega Zeta Andorra and has established operative privileges at Centre Medic I Quirurgic (CMQ), Nostra Senyora de Meritxell Hospital, and several hospitals in Barcelona.