Quiropràctic del Molí

The Quiropràctic del Molí centre is one of the best rated centres in Andorra in the field of chiropracy, which seeks to eliminate interference in the nervous system to allow the body to recover its ability to regulate itself.

Likewise, the Quiropràctic del Molí centre offers patients a 100% personalised process and complete programmes to achieve chiropractic adjustments that help people to eliminate stress, recover vitality and live better.

In addition, for sports people, the centre offers special programmes that help to activate the nervous system and increase physical performance, as well as correct posture to avoid injuries and reduce the time of any recovery process.



Experiences at Quiropràctic del Molí

Treatments and experiences offered by Quiropràctic del Molí.

Escapada Saludable _ Quiropractic el Moli _ Andorra Health Destination

Chiropractic Care Treatment​

Special treatment plan to relieve pain, recover energy, vitality and achieve a better posture. Recommended for everyone.

Experiencia Antiestrés _ Quiropráctica del Molí _ Andorra Health Destination

Antistress Getaway

The anti-stress getaway "VITE FAIT BIEN FAIT" in Andorra is aimed at people with a very demanding job that hardly leaves them time to relax.

About Quiropràctic del Molí

Improving people's health through chiropractic adjustments.

Located in Andorra la Vella, the Quiropràctic del Molí centre is committed to offering patients a close and 100% personalised service.

It also offers a range of programmes focused on improving people’s health through chiropractic adjustments, which help patients to eliminate accumulated stress and treat insomnia problems, as well as reducing and eliminating problems of concentration, anxiety, back pain, headaches and muscle contractions, among others.

Quiropràctic del Molí centre also offers programmes developed especially for sportspeople, which, through chiropractic adjustments, helps to eliminate pain, correct posture to avoid injuries and recover the patient’s energy and vitality. They have programmes designed for those who do sport on a regular basis, but are also suitable for anyone looking to improve their health at any levels.

For those who wish to combine a sports getaway with a health treatment, the Quiropràctic del Molí centre offers programmes that include chiropractic adjustments and decontracting massages, ideal for revitalising the body after a long day of activity in Andorra.


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