Clinica Omega Z

The Omega Zeta Clinic is the only clinic in Andorra specialising in advanced integrative medicine capable of combining biotechnology with the latest technology in the diagnosis and treatment of different pathologies.

This clinic stands out for the practice of integrative medicine that is 100% personalised and adapted to each patient, placing the latter at the centre of the healing process and offering them humane treatment and permanent accompaniment throughout the diagnosis and treatment process.

Likewise, among its many services, the treatments for chronic pain, sports medicine balances and holistic psychology programmes, among many others, are particularly noteworthy.



Treatments at Clínica Omega Z

Treatments and experiences offered by the Omega Z Clinic.

Tratamiento Antiestrés _ Clinica Omega Zeta _ Andorra Health Destination

Anti-stress Treatment

The integrative check-up and treatment goes beyond the conventional check-up and treatment, restoring energetic balance and treating stress at the source.

Tratamiento del dolor crónico _ Clinica Omega Zeta _ Andorra Health Destination

Chronic pain treatment

Pain is one of the main reasons for medical consultation and one of the most frequent health problems in the adult population.

About Clínica Omega Z

Specialised in integrative medicine treatments.

Specialising mainly in integrative medicine treatments, the Omega Zeta Clinic is committed to offering patients a professional and 100% personalised experience, whatever the treatment required.

Clínica Omega Zeta offers medical services in the field of family medicine, nutrition, regenerative medicine, cardiovascular health, gynaecology, neuropsychiatry, traumatology, aesthetic medicine, holistic psychology, osteopathy and head and neck surgery, among others, so that its wide range of services allows the patient to find the treatment that best suits their needs whilst enjoying a 100% satisfactory experience.

In addition, and for a more complete offering, the Omega Zeta Clinic also operates in the field of stem cells, ozone therapy, acupuncture and neural therapy, making it a great option for those patients who are looking for a combination of treatments offered by traditional medicine and natural medicine.