Be Forest

Be Forest is a team of professionals that specializes in the design and practice of health and wellness experiences in nature.

With more than fifteen years of experience guiding and teaching in outdoor scenarios, Be Forest offers innovative experiences based on Forest Bathing, a practice that will bring you closer to a different nature, a nature that can change your life.

Be Forest was created to bring everyone closer to natural environments with the aim of promoting wellness and health.

Our experiences are suitable for all audiences such as children, seniors, people with different abilities such as blindness or ASD, families, couples or work teams! Nature welcomes everyone, Be Forest does it as well.



Experiences at Be Forest

Treatments and experiences offered by Be Forest

Be Forest Experience Andorra

Be Forest – Experience

Enjoy the forests of Andorra solo, a Forest Bathing where you will obtain many benefits for mind and soul.

Be Forest Senior Andorra

Be Forest Senior

Relaxation techniques are used to slow down the body and mind, to connect with nature through your senses whilst forest walking.

Be Forest - Familia _ Andorra Health Destination

Be Forest – Family

A guided experience to focus on connecting with the environment, improving communication between participants in order to strengthen ties.

About Be Forest

Professionals who specialise in the design and practice of health and wellness experiences in nature.

Welcome to part of the Be Forest team:

Josefina Soffia: Teacher and Forest Bathing guide, specialist in emotional education in nature.

Joan Badias: Neuropsychologist, mountain guide and Forest Bathing guide. Coach specialized in team management and competence accelerator.

Whether you are used to being in nature or if you feel that life goes too fast, that you find it hard to live in the present moment and disconnect from technology, this experience is for you!