Andorra, a country to enjoy in summer

Now in summer you can also come to enjoy Andorra. There are endless sports activities for sports lovers; as well as other wonderful experiences of relaxation and calm. In this paradise surrounded by nature you can find what best suits you and your lifestyle. Andorra has everything you need to organize a dream trip whether you are traveling alone, as a couple, with your family or in a group.

At this time of year, this small country blossoms in many different ways. It opens up a wide range of possibilities; from hiking trails for the more sporty to an atmosphere of total calm for those who prefer to relax and disconnect in another way. If you want to be surrounded by nature and the great outdoors, Andorra is the perfect destination.

Many people wonder what happens to those who go to Andorra to practice sports during the winter season, such as skiing?

Sport is an essential part of a person’s life. Not only to keep fit but also because mentally it helps to know oneself and to be able to establish a personal discipline. Well, in this little paradise in the Pyrenees; in summer you can also practice sport or, if you prefer, prepare for the following season. For this, Andorra Health Destination offers a wide range of sports medical treatments – among other services – for those who want to start a training program during the summer. In addition, Andorra is ideal for those who have recovered from an injury or want to make a muscle recovery; as we all know, practicing a sport can imply suffering some injuries.

Among all the sports medical treatments offered by Andorra Health Destination we can find the cyclist balance, which is based on special programs in which traditional medicine is combined with the techniques and methods of biomedicine, thus giving a 360-degree vision of the state of the athlete and the adjustments to be made in their lifestyle. Or also, the muscular recovery treatment that consists of a program for the recovery of the musculature, physical power and sports performance. In addition, it serves to correct and reduce body ailments resulting from poor postural health or chronic injuries. It will provide elasticity, relaxation and elimination of muscular waste for a quick recovery and toning of the body.

As we have already mentioned, Andorra Health Destination offers the client personalized medical sports treatments, among other services, which are adapted to you and your needs.

Moreover, Andorra has an infinity of trails through which you can make routes adapted to each level. We find 5 trails: GR (Gran Recorrido) – 11, GR-7, GRP, GR transfrontier 1 and 2; each one is intended to go through a different part of the country. On the other hand, there are many other sporting activities – apart from trekking – which can be enjoyed. Cycling, mountain biking, climbing and canyoning are sports that the country offers to its visitors. Counting all the mountain passes, the wild places and the via ferrata, you can come and practice the sport you like the most.

Andorra has 3 natural parks

The country has incredible landscapes and natural parks where you can enjoy magnificent views. Take for example; the Madriu-Perafita-Claror Valley – covering some 40,000 hectares – or, the Comapedrosa Valleys – the highest peak in the Principality of Andorra -. Not only this, but there is also an infinite number of lakes to enjoy.

So, if you want to escape from the high temperatures of this season, to be surrounded by nature, to walk and practice sports in green and wide spaces and, in addition, to be able to have the possibility to disconnect completely; Andorra is ideal as a summer destination.

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