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Andorra has an area of ​​92% forests, lakes, rivers and mountains; so enjoy a natural paradise with countless activities to do at all times of the year. Concretely, the winter season is characterized by the famous skiing, and it is at this time of the year when all the fans of this sport start preparing for the new season when the first snowfalls arrive. In Andorra, you will enjoy 4 large ski resorts and 400 km of pistes, why not prepare for the season here too?

If you are a fan of winter and snow sports, the best time to visit this principality is winter, we have no doubt about it. But we must not forget that to have the greatest sporting performance, it is essential to stay in shape throughout the year, and Andorra is also the ideal place to do so.

Today we are going to review the importance of preventing injuries with a good medical and sports preparation, which will enable you to give your best in those outings in the snow that you enjoy so much. Our partner offers the patient biomechanic footwork study services, designed especially for skiers. Its Prevención Esquiador treatment consists of the use of an innovative system to perform three-dimensional reconstructions in motion and assess the knee and hip flexion ranges in each of the phases of skiing. In this way, you will be able to carry out a postural restructuring to be able to avoid overloading your body when practicing sport and reach your maximum performance without risk. Ideal for preparing the season.

Skiing is a physically demanding sport and it should be borne in mind that there are many people who suffer or have suffered an injury that continues to leave a mark on them and makes it impossible for them to do the sport they enjoy so much. For that reason, our partner Celular Clinic offers its Pain Treatment for athletes, it is a treatment that can completely change your life if you suffer or have suffered an injury. Regenerative Medicine applied to the treatment of sports injuries has become one of the star treatments by contributing to a progressive improvement and observing results in the short, medium and long term. The great advantage of this new treatment is that patients leave the intervention walking on their own two feet and recovery is very fast. Do not hesitate to consult more information to return to enjoy the sport as before.

If you want to enjoy a good ski season and be ready for when the slopes open, start your preparation now with the plans of our partners. Finally, if you haven’t done it this year, next year enjoy Andorra as a sports destination to keep you in shape throughout the year, we have a great diversity of options to keep you in top shape. Any query we are at your disposal.

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