Health tourism: medical treatments in Andorra

Andorra is the health and wellness destination by excellence, and in this natural paradise you can find a lot of experiences and medical, aesthetic and wellness treatments whatever your needs.

Whether you are looking for aesthetic medicine clinics, a relaxing experience or medical advice to treat a pathology, in Andorra you will find everything you need adapted to your taste and your preferences. 

We all know that when it comes to health, it is the most important thing for you and for yours, from Andorra Health Destination we have worked to select the best clinics and the best specialists in the country to offer you the most advanced medical treatments and the most personalized customer service. Because we want you to be able to treat your pathology while you feel as comfortable as at home. 

Do you want to know what medical treatments you can find in Andorra? Let’s start!

Treatments for osteoarthritis and chronic pain

Chronic pain is one of the most frequent problems and represents one of the main reasons for medical consultation in our country, since it has an impact on the personal and social environment of people. Likewise, there are several treatments for chronic pain in the least invasive way possible, but the Omega Zeta Clinic proposes a treatment model that combines several forms of medicine to treat and accompany the patient throughout the process.

Within the “Pain treatment” program, the Omega Zeta Clinic combines neural therapy or percutaneous hydrotomy with ozone infiltrations, as well as an osteopathy session, a physiotherapy session, an acupuncture session and a Bemer bascular therapy.

The objective of these treatments is to be able to treat the chronic pain that many people suffer and that affects their daily life on a physical, mental and emotional level, so that they can improve their quality of life as much as possible.

On the other hand, in terms of treatments for osteoarthritis, which affects 7 on 10 people over the age of 50, the Cellular Clinic center has developed a revolutionary therapy for the treatment of osteoarthritis with adult stem cells from the patient himself. The “Treatment for osteoarthritis with stem cells (Cellstem)” seeks to reduce the patient’s pain and delay the need to undergo other more invasive therapies, such as prostheses, as well as to improve their quality of life.

This treatment works on osteoarthritis of the knee, ankle, hip or shoulder, among others, and is suitable for people between 20 and 75 years of age. In addition, it is a fully comprehensive treatment that includes examination visits, preoperative tests, surgical admission to the Cellular Clinic center, processing of samples in the laboratory, infiltrations and follow-up consultations for a year. In this way, Cellular Clinic can offer the patient personalized attention adapted to their needs, as well as to treat their pathology and improve their quality of life.

Treatments to take care of your feet

In terms of treatment and surgery of foot pathologies, the Rabat Institute is our specialist partner, since it has more than 40 years of experience in the field of traumatology and foot and ankle surgery, as well as a large team of professionals and medical specialists who offer a 100% human and personalized patient experience.

Likewise, the Rabat Institute offers the patient a complete program to treat plantar fasciitis, which is a frequent problem and can reach levels of serious chronicity if it is not treated in time.

The “Plantar Fasciitis” program offers the patient a complete treatment against plantar fasciitis that includes several services. Among the services a first evaluation visit, a study of the imaging tests that the patient may provide, a physical and ultrasound examination of the area to be treated and a beginning of the treatment in the office the same day, if possible, or the following day, if prior preparation is required can be listed.

On the other hand, the Rabat Institute also offers a complete treatment program for ankle pathologies. In these cases, through the “Ankle Pathology” program, an arthroscopy is performed, which is a non-invasive surgical technique that, through two small incisions, manages to repair the ankle ligaments, clean the joint and treat osteochondritis, among others.

In addition, with this program, the Rabat Institute offers patients treatment of ankle pathology through stem cell implantation, platelet-rich plasma implantation or hyaluronic acid implantation. These therapies are considered as biological therapies and help improving the patient’s quality of life.

Now that you know some of the most outstanding medical and health tourism treatments in Andorra, you will know that whatever your pathology is, in Andorra Health Destination you will find the best associated clinics and the best medical specialists in the country to treat everything you need.

We work to select the highest quality treatments and the most outstanding clinics to offer you a medical experience that makes you feel as safe as home.

Your medical treatment awaits you at Andorra Health Destination!

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