Roc Blanc Hotel

Andorra is a true haven of peace and relaxation, where the art of living well and enjoying wellbeing is at its best.

In this unique enclave, amidst majestic mountains and dreamlike landscapes, is the Hotel Roc Blanc, an iconic 4-star establishment that has become the destination of choice for those seeking a spa and wellness retreat.

Located in the heart of Andorra’s urban centre, in Escaldes-Engordany, Hotel Roc Blanc offers an unrivalled experience of comfort. Surrounded by mountains, this classic and elegant hotel is the perfect choice to get to know this great little country in depth while taking time to take care of yourself.

The team, with over 40 years of experience, ensures that every visitor has a carefree day like never before. From the moment guests cross the threshold, they are greeted with exceptional warmth and service, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in the world of wellness and relaxation.

For a weekend getaway, a wellness retreat or simply a moment of disconnection, the Roc Blanc Hotel offers a unique and unforgettable experience.

Get ready to live a wellness and spa experience with the experiences that we at Andorra Health Destination propose from Hotel Roc Blanc Hotel.



Experiences at Roc Blanc Hotel

Treatments and experiences offered by Roc Blanc Hotel

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Wellness Getaway at Park Hotel

We offer you the ideal plan for a reset in one of the exclusive suites with the best views in Andorra.

Escapada romántica _ Andorra Park Hotel _ Andorra Health Destination

Romantic Getaway

Take a romantic getaway to Andorra and live an unforgettable experience: the pleasure of a good rest and a good disconnection in the best company.


Emblematic hotel with thermal spa located in the heart of Andorra's shopping centre.

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The Holistic Wellness Thermal Spa Centre is an oasis of serenity and wellness offering a holistic experience of accommodation, relaxation and personal revitalisation in a warm and welcoming environment.

Visitors can enjoy traditional massages, a variety of specialised therapies and a thermal water pool.

Revitalise yourself in our internationally recognised mineral-medicinal waters with hyperthermal water (70⁰ C), sodium sulphate with presence of sulphur, especially recommended for bone problems, sensitive hair, arthritic, respiratory and anti-stress therapies.

With a wide range of services including reflexology, relaxation massages, sports massages… and therapies such as quantum, osteopathy, aesthetics, healing, holistic psychology, among others, working with recognised partners, the Spa Termal del Roc Blanc has consolidated its position as an indisputable reference point for health and wellness tourism in Andorra.


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