What is inner well-being, and how to achieve it?

Inner well-being is a state of calm, tranquillity and general relaxation that we achieve when we are in peace and balance with ourselves. Although this state of well-being can be difficult to achieve since the daily responsibilities and obligations and the frenetic pace of life we are accustomed to leading take us further and further away from self-care and inner listening.

Because of a lifestyle that tends to leave us very little time to work on ourselves, we live with the “automatic pilot”, leaving our emotions aside so that our inner well-being is usually affected.

When these states of stress and non-awareness of ourselves are prolonged over time, physical and emotional problems can appear that repercussions our lives and everyone around us.

For this reason, we must learn to work on our inner well-being and be able to implement small habits that help us to maintain a healthy emotional balance. In this way, we will be able to connect with our essence, feel in equilibrium with ourselves, achieve our inner well-being and gain quality of life.

Do you want to know how not working on your inner self affects you and what you can do to change the situation?

Negative effects of not taking care of our insides.

We are often so busy with our daily chores, such as work or family life, that we have become accustomed to permanently putting the “automatic pilot” mode. This mode helps us carry out all the day-to-day jobs without thinking beyond since it acts as a smokescreen that covers our physical and emotional needs and downplays them.

When this state is permanent, cycles of discomfort and problems begin to appear, which, if we fail to identify and treat them in time, can lead to more severe cases requiring professionals’ help.

One of these problems is the appearance of episodes of stress, anxiety, general malaise, and a feeling of fatigue and apathy that cause us to feel drained of energy and unwilling to live new experiences.

Thus, feelings of generalized dissatisfaction and cycles of anguish and negative thoughts can also appear, leading to feelings of loneliness and excessive worry.

On the other hand, sleep disorders and constant mood swings may also be present, affecting both ourselves and those around us.

Start taking care of your inner well-being

Now that you know the long list of the negative effects of not taking care of your inner well-being, you should know that it can be controlled in many ways, and doing so is easier than it may seem at first.

An excellent way to work on ourselves is to treat ourselves to a wellness-thermal getaway to enjoy with family or as a couple. These experiences help us relax our body and mind, get away from routine and recharge the energy we need to continue with our daily lives.

Thus, carrying out activities that help us reduce stress and daily worries and lead us to connect with our essence is also a good way to work and take care of ourselves. These activities include yoga, pilates, forest baths, pranaiama and meditation practices.

Moreover, giving ourselves experiences that work on our inner well-being is 100% vital to enjoy good physical and emotional health. This is possible in a place as idyllic as Andorra, a natural paradise, a real gift for all our senses.

Treatments to reconnect with yourself.

Wellness Experience’s “Abrázate” plan. Created so you can disconnect from the hectic pace of everyday life and relax your body, mind and soul, the “Abrázate” plan is perfect for treating yourself to a moment of calm and balance in a space dedicated to taking care of your essence.

This program offers you a personal coaching session followed by a relaxing massage so that you can stop the “automatic pilot” and enjoy the present moment with mindfulness.

In addition, this plan includes an energetic therapy or reiki session that will help you balance your energy centers and restore balance in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realms.

A program designed to let go of the worries of everyday life and reconnect with your essence here and now.

Caldea-Inúu “Caldea Detox” experience. A program created so you can enjoy the benefits of thermal water and live a truly relaxing experience in the exclusive space of Caldea Origins Spa.

In addition, this experience includes traditional Ayurveda techniques that will help you to purify your body and relax in a way you haven’t done for a long time.

The program includes a combination of three relaxing Ayurveda massages, Abhyangam, Elakkizhi and Shirodhara, which extend from the body to the skull and face with the application of herbal oil. This massage will help you relax your muscles, calm your mind, reduce stress and enjoy a unique and special moment in a truly exclusive space in Andorra.

In addition, this program includes admission to all areas of Caldea, from the thermo-play space, which is the general space, to the most exclusive areas of the entire spa, which are the Inúu space and the Orígens Spa.

An experience of calm and relaxation that will help you escape from the world and focus only on enjoying the benefits of the thermal water.

Now that you know some of the benefits of taking care of your inner well-being, you will know that working on yourself and keeping yourself in balance is 100% vital. Only then can we enjoy good health in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realms and live any experience with energy, positivity and fulfillment.

And you, do you feel like disconnecting from routine and balancing your inner self? We are waiting for you at Andorra Health Destination!

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