Yoga and Ayurveda Programme with stay at Hotel Carlemany (2 nights)

Are you looking for a unique wellness experience? Andorra Health Destination has the perfect programme for you to come and pamper yourself in Andorra without having to worry about finding accommodation, thanks to the collaboration of two of our partners.

Our partner Komorebi has created a formula that combines Ayurveda, a medicinal method based on achieving physical and mental harmony with nature, with yoga, which also allows you to work on your search for balance and physical and mental health.

This is a two-night programme (with the option to do 6 nights if you wish) that combines the Komorebi programme with a stay at the Hotel Carlemany, so you can live a magical experience in Andorra as well as relax and enjoy your Ayurvedic treatment and yoga day to connect with yourself and maintain your beauty and wellbeing in a healthy way.

Komorebi gives you the option to choose one of their yoga treatments from the following: 


Asana practise includes breathing exercises (Pranayama), purification, and meditation that help to balance body and mind. This discipline helps to strengthen muscles and improve flexibility, and it can also reduce stress through deep breathing. It also helps to achieve better posture and body control.


Yoga combines the execution of chained asanas with the coordination of breathing.


A method that uses suspension and weightlessness in a special swing to stimulate creativity, unblocking, toning, muscle definition, and rejuvenation through the use of adapted yoga asanas.

On the other hand, you choose an Ayurvedic treatment:


This consists of a definition of the person’s constitution and dietary and lifestyle advice according to Ayurvedic medicine.


A facial treatment adapted to each skin type with natural products without chemicals or additives.


A complete treatment covering head, feet, and hands, using Ayurvedic oils to promote a deep sense of relaxation and balance the three doshas: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.


Udgarshana is a more intense and specific local treatment for congested areas. It is performed using gommage, a mixture of chickpea flour and cleansing plants that stimulates cell regeneration. It is very effective in helping to eliminate toxins and support a weight loss programme or the treatment of congested areas (cellulite, oedema, etc.).


Especially for athletes, the treatment treats fast and deep muscle recovery in the most appropriate way before physical activity or after recovery.

Finally, if you wish, you can book one of their relaxing massages to add to your weekend pack:


An oil massage for the neck, head, and face. This calms the mind and releases accumulated tension in the body.


Foot massage with oil and stimulation of reflex points. Activates the metabolism and provides a feeling of calm and relaxation throughout the body.


Head and foot massage with oil to balance polarities.


Long oil massage of the head, face, hands, and feet.

Don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy an incredible stay in Andorra thanks to Hotel Carlemany while you take care of your body and mind with Komorebi treatments. The programme includes 2 nights at the Carlemany Hotel with half board, 1 Ayurvedic treatment, and 1 day of yoga.

A unique programme in Andorra that we hope you will be interested in and that you will come and visit us soon, alone or with whoever you prefer. You will find more information about the programme here

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