An inner journey; yoga and mindfulness for your wellbeing

Surely you have heard about yoga or mindfulness at some time. Maybe you have heard the famous expression “We are the connection between body and mind”. Or “a healthy spirit in a healthy body”. In any case, these are just some of the phrases that are related to ancient practices that work to achieve the individual inner well-being.

Nowadays, some disciplines such as yoga and meditation have gained strength and have become methods to work on inner development and promote people’s physical, psychological and emotional wellbeing.

Likewise, both yoga and mindfulness represent the union between body, mind and soul and make up a whole lifestyle for those who practice them, since both practices go much further than, at first glance, it might seem.

Do you want to know the benefits of implementing these practices in your daily life? Let’s start!

Benefits of practicing yoga and mindfulness

As we were saying, both yoga and mindfulness have become very popular in the western world. This is because, in a society that is used to live fast and stressed, we are all looking for ways to feel better and to achieve this state of peace, harmony and well-being that we hear so much about everywhere.

Several studies have shown that yoga has beneficial effects on our health, since beyond working on physical postures, called asanas, it also works on breathing as an essential starting point.

Yoga teaches us to breathe correctly through various techniques that channel energy and establish a connection between body, mind and soul. These techniques focus attention on inspiration, exhalation and air retention and help us to connect with the present moment, increasing concentration levels and maintaining a conscious breath capable of balancing our emotions.

In addition to working to improve posture and increase flexibility, yoga can improve balance and coordination, strengthen bones, facilitate the digestion process, relax muscles and help us sleep better, as well as reduce anxiety and control stress levels, among others.

On the other hand, mindfulness, which is a meditation technique that consists of observing reality in the present moment, without judgment, also contributes to the proper management of stress and anxiety, since practicing it brings us closer to a state of calm and well-being that helps us to manage emotions and situations that occupy us with more confidence, temperance and security.

In addition, mindfulness helps to improve insomnia problems, promotes creativity, improves memory and concentration, increases relaxation and contributes to a state of well-being that encourages us to better enjoy the little things in life. It is what we know as “here and now”.

Experiences to connect with your wellbeing

Komorebi’s “Yoga and Ayurveda Balance” program. This program combines Ayurveda, or traditional Indian medicine that proposes the natural union between body, mind and soul, with yoga, an ancient practice that seeks to balance the three previous points through the fusion of these latter. It is a complete program that includes 2 or 6 nights at the Carlemany Hotel in Andorra.

First, you will enjoy one or five full days of lectures in different branches of yoga, such as hatha, vinyasa and aeroyoga. These disciplines will help you practice conscious breathing, or “pranayama”, while you work on flexibility, learn to manage emotions, reduce stress and incorporate rejuvenation and muscle definition techniques that will help you achieve a unique inner connection.

On the other hand, with this program you can also enjoy an Ayurvedic treatment to choose from those offered by the Komorebi center, such as an Ayurvedic facial treatment without chemicals or additives, a body treatment “Atreya Abhyanga” with Ayurvedic oils or a massage to choose from the various Ayurvedic massages. Everything so you can relax and enjoy a unique and unforgettable experience.

“Namaste” experience by Wellness Experience.

This experience is designed so that you can work on mindfulness in a relaxing 7-day in the Andorran paradise.

The program includes various meditation activities, tai chi, music therapy, pranayama (breathing), yoga, pilates, dance, Ayurvedic massage, reiki, foot reflexology, mentoring, biological decoding and forest baths, among others, designed because you can connect with self-knowledge, approach the physical, mental and emotional well-being and balance your emotions transporting you in the present moment.

Likewise, with this wonderful experience you will enjoy a wellness program created especially for you, since you will connect with your essence and develop new mental skills that will help you improve your health at all possible levels.

In addition, for 7 days you will learn several techniques that you will be able to implement once the program is over to continue taking care of yourself inside and out in a permanent way.

Can there be a better experience?

Now that you know two of the most complete experiences to enjoy yoga and mindfulness, you will have seen that taking care of yourself inside is vital to enjoy good health both physically and emotionally.

Therefore, from Andorra Heatlh Destination we offer you to enjoy one of the most complete wellness experiences so you can connect with your inner self, return to the present moment and fully enjoy the life.

Are you looking forward to the experience? we are waiting for you!

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