How to achieve wellness through sport whatever your level is

Sport is a fundamental element in a healthy lifestyle. In addition to releasing endorphins, the hormone of happiness, sport also improves physical fitness and helps to clear the mind and order our thoughts. Sports medicine is based on obtaining a state of physical and mental well-being through the practice of sport.

When a person engages in physical activity he or she is exposed to injury and deterioration of joints and other parts of the body, so it is very important that sport is practiced safely to avoid injury. Physical activity is beneficial for everyone, but not everyone can practice sport at the same level or has the same preferences or capacity. Today, we bring you several options to enjoy sport medicine in Andorra, regardless of your level.

High performance

If physical exercise is your passion and you want to improve your performance in a privileged sporty environment, Park Piolets Mountain Hotel & Spa has a perfect proposal for you. They offer a high-level physical preparation program, which includes two nights accommodation, road cycling without a guide through the Andorra mountain passes or mountain trekking with a guide, high altitude sport to activate the body, training to improve sports performance and to help analyze your fitness, a stretching session with personal trainer, muscle recovery, radiofrequency, sports massage, nutritional advice and free access to the Park Spa.

A brilliant plan for people who want to start an intense training program and get themselves physically prepared. Ideal to get your body on point for a strenuous training event or just to get yourself back into shape after a break. The essential objective of this program is to provide strength and physical endurance to then be continued in the middle and long term.

Sport as a hobby

For most people, sport is a healthy hobby that helps to maintain good physical condition and enjoy and disconnect whilst testing your body’s strength. If you belong to this great majority of people who practice sport as a hobby, and really want to get the most out of your body, the Omega Zeta Clinic and Podoactiva have three great diagnostic and personalized treatment programs for skiiersrunners and cyclists.

These innovative programs combine traditional medicine with biological medicine, treating the athlete as a complete entity, with programmes that offer a holistic and integral approach. The proposals include a traumatology consultation at the Dr. Rabat Institute, a biomechanical study at Podoactiva and an osteopathy session.

Sport to relax

Sport can also help to achieve a connection between body and mind through practices like yoga. If you are one of those people who seek harmony and inner peace through yoga and Ayurvedic treatments, the Komorebi center has a perfect proposal that you will definitely enjoy.

The Balance Yoga and Ayurveda Komorebi program offers the possibility of choosing amongst various yoga disciplines taught at the Komorebi center, such as vinyasa yoga, hatha-yoga or aeroyoga. It also includes two nights’ accommodation at the Hotel Carlemany and a wide range of Ayurvedic treatments to enhance your physical and mental well-being.

Andorra is an incomparable destination to find physical and mental harmony through sport and nature, a perfect combination that makes our country a privileged environment, full of possibilities for sport lovers. Regardless of your level or your preferred sport, Andorra brings you everything you need to improve your performance, relax and get your mind and body back to 100% by the time you get home.

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