Maintain a healthy routine including physical exercise

Probably, for a long period of our lives we have heard that maintaining a healthy routine is very important, however, many of us do not know where to start. First of all, we must know that routines bring us many benefits both emotionally and psychologically, and that is precisely why it is essential to maintain and adhere to them. Today we will see what routines we can incorporate into our lives to improve in all aspects, both personally and professionally.


One of the key factors is knowing how to balance work time with leisure time. It is not good to spend all day working, nor is it good to spend all day attending to needs other than work, so we must be able to balance both activities.

Leisure represents and acts as a kind of compensation after hard working days that require total and absolute disconnection. For this reason, we should all organize ourselves and decide how much time we are going to spend with family and friends and at what time of the year. Adopting this habit will bring security and control over the environment and thus, you will be able to rationalize well the time for each activity. In addition, not only spending time with family, but enjoying yourself is just as important.


When we talk about maintaining a healthy routine, it is not only about dividing your time well, but doing sports is essential to achieve an active life and, in the long term, to be able to increase your physical capabilities. In order to achieve this goal, the Komorebi center offers two Yoga programs adapted to your needs that combine Ayurveda, a medicinal method based on achieving physical and mental harmony with nature. In addition, it also allows you to work on the search for balance and health, both physical and mental.

On the other hand, if instead of doing yoga or pilates you prefer another type of physical activity such as running, our partner Omega Zeta offers you a comprehensive diagnosis in which a special program – known as Running Balance – is developed, totally personalized to be able to run with total security.
However, it is not only about doing sport, but also about doing it with caution to avoid injuries. Our partner, Podoactiva, gives you the possibility of two different treatments for the prevention of the skier – if you are a fan of snow – or the prevention of the runner. Both perform a biomechanical study to detect possible alterations in the patient’s body and then make a report indicating what to avoid and what is recommended.

As we well know, our society evolves and lives very fast and without a doubt, we put our main focus on work, thus forgetting to take care of our personal and social life. The key concept to prevent all this from happening is to be able to stop, breathe and disconnect from time to time. Only then can we have the freedom to live and grow. The trick is that we must learn to find ways to disconnect. For example, playing sports is a routine that can be done and will help to maintain a healthy routine. But, above all, we must always remember that being careful when practicing any physical exercise is essential because with due caution we can avoid future injuries.

So, now that you know some habits that will help you maintain a healthy life, both physically and mentally, do not hesitate to implement them in your daily life. And if you need help or have any questions, contact us to see how we can help you find the perfect treatment for you.

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