Sport allows us to exercise the body to keep it at a good physical level, as well as to relax, unwind, forget about routine, release tension and have fun. On a psychological level, it also improves our mood and reduces stress, anxiety and depression levels. It makes us feel good emotionally, because when we exercise we release endorphins, better known as the hormones of happiness.

Many people enjoy practicing sports, but few remember the importance of taking care of their body and of following up with specialists. Anyone who exercises regularly should take care of his or her body to avoid injuries and to be able to obtain maximum sporting performance.

The prevention of injuries in sport is very important, especially for those people who, when practicing a physical activity, suffer some damage to joints or muscles, as this will mean an unwanted alteration, as well as a need to modify their training, carried out by a professional. Andorra is the ideal destination to carry out medical-sports treatments while enjoying the practice of all kinds of sports, depending on the time of the year.

Andorra, the ideal destination to take care of body and mind

With a wide range of wellness and medical-sports treatments, our Pyrenean country is consolidated as a unique destination to take care of body and mind. It is the ideal option to disconnect and find oneself.

Depending on the time of the year and the races or training you have scheduled, it may be a better idea to do one treatment or another. The important thing is to allocate time to plan the care of your body and mind with equal priority to the training you are going to do throughout the year. Improve your physical fitness, avoid injuries and stay in shape with sports-medical and wellness treatments.

Below we will discuss some of the treatments available through Andorra Health Destination:


For skiers

Our partner Podoactiva offers a treatment, which manages to improve the prevention of skier’s injuries, thanks to the Younext 4D Motion Capture cameras and the Podoactiva Ski simulator.

With 4D camera technology, the specialist can reconstruct an avatar in which the patient’s skeleton appears, in order to visualize the skier’s degrees of flexion.

With this simulator, postural re-education of the body can be carried out, since the avatar detects how, when and where the athlete flexes or when he/she does not do so, allowing the ranges of movement of the extremities to be improved and the impacts to be reduced in the different skiing situations.

The objective is to quantify how much load each area of the feet supports and thus restore proper functioning in the sporting gesture of skiing since, through the study, accurate data are extracted to make the Podoactiva ski insoles.

The treatment includes the whole process up to the creation of the insoles, with all the data obtained to provide information to physical trainers, physiotherapists and coaches.


Running is a fashionable sport. Running for fitness is the most common sport.

However, we could say that it has become a “dangerous fad” because many people go running without being in good shape and without being in good health, which are essential before starting to run. Experts say it can be even worse than a sedentary lifestyle.

That said, practiced safely and with good technique, running has a myriad of health benefits. The Omega Zeta clinic together with Podoactiva, have created a special program to practice running safely; “Balance Runners” that allows a comprehensive diagnosis, an adjustment and a personalized treatment of the runner in a holistic and combined way.

This treatment includes a traumatology consultation at Institut Dr.Rabat, a biomechanical study of the gait at Podoactiva and finally an osteopathy session.


Nasal Health

Have you ever thought about the importance of your nasal health, to improve breathing and enjoy a nose at its best? Our partner, Clínica Rinològica Maria Colomé performs a complete diagnosis, orientation and treatment.

When a person suffers from respiratory problems, their physical well-being is affected, because it impacts the cardiovascular, neurological, vascular, muscular systems, among others.

But it also affects their mental and emotional well-being. Good oxygenation of the body favors mental clarity, emotional balance and personal relationships.

Good breathing is essential to enjoy a good quality of life. Find out all the details here.


Avoiding injuries and pain in athletes is an impossible task not only in professional athletes but also in amateur athletes.

Regenerative Medicine applied to the treatment of sports injuries has become one of the star treatments as it contributes to a progressive improvement and results are observed in the short, medium and long term.

Our partner Cellular Clinic Andorra offers a stem cell treatment from a small abdominal fat liposuction to the patient. The biggest advantage of this treatment is that the patient comes out of the intervention walking on his own feet, with a very fast recovery, regardless of whether the injury is acute or chronic.


Our partner, Clínica Omega Zeta offers an integrative treatment and check-up, with techniques and methods of Biomedicine as a complement to traditional medicine. Traditional medicine is sometimes not enough, as pain persists and stress and fatigue levels continue at the same point after treatment.

In the clinic they can know, through Bioresonance, the state of the internal organs of each patient, even before they manifest symptoms, in order to block or provoke them (environmental toxins, heavy metals, viruses, bacteria, molds…) if there are food intolerances or allergens.

This treatment is aimed at people with pain and chronic diseases, and also in people with stress or mental limitations, whether at work, finances and studies.

If you are an athlete, prioritizing the care of your body and mind is essential to obtain your maximum sporting and personal performance. Start taking care of yourself and enjoy endless benefits. Andorra Health Destination offers you a wide variety of ideal treatments and we can also offer you a personalized treatment if you contact us and we adjust to your specific needs.

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