Pain treatment for athletes


Preventing pain and sports injuries is difficult, not only for professional athletes but also for amateur athletes.

Regenerative medicine applied to sports injuries has become a key treatment, helping towards a progressive improvement and showing results in the short, medium, and long term.

There is an increasing number of published cases related to injuries and pain management in elite athletes that have been treated with regenerative medicine and stem cells.

The great advantage over conventional treatments is that patients can walk out of their treatment and recover quickly, regardless of whether the injury is acute or chronic. After stem cell treatment, athletes can continue training and living a normal life.

What is the treatment like?

The patient’s stem cells are obtained from a small liposuction of the patient’s abdominal fat.

Once they have been collected, they are purified and concentrated so they can be infiltrated in an ultrasound-guided way in the injured area: in the muscle for muscular injuries, in the tendon for tendon injuries. But the most common use of these infiltrations for athletes is to alleviate the pain generated by cartilage injuries, for which stem cells are infiltrated in the most problematic areas like the knee, shoulder, ankle, or hip.

Mesenchymal cells can reduce inflammation and create new tissue, acting on the area where the cartilage has been lost due to deterioration.

  • Online consultation prior to travelling to Andorra
  • First consultation in Celular Clinic (physical examination, delivery of information, assessment questionnaire, diagnosis, request for additional testing)
  • Pre-operative tests*
  • Admission to Celular Clinic (analysis of results, signature of informed consent, extraction in operating room under sedation)
  • Sample processing in laboratory
  • Infiltration of the treatment
  • Consultation for discharge (ultrasound, rehabilitation guidelines)
  • Online / on-site follow-up consultations during one year.
  • Transport to Andorra
  • Accommodation
  • Accommodation in Andorra
  • Complementary health and wellness activities (massages, treatments, etc.).
  • Leisure activities, to enjoy the surroundings.
*Pre-operative tests can be brought by the patient and are discounted from the price of the treatment, reducing the number of days of stay in Andorra.



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