Prevent the most common injuries in runners with sports medicine treatments

Sports medicine has become one of the most in-demand branches of health tourism. Along with medical-therapeutic and aesthetic treatments and wellness experiences, tourists who choose to travel to heal also do so to treat or prevent sports injuries, or simply to improve their performance. And in this case, it is not only a discipline reserved for elite athletes, but there are also amateur sportsmen and women who require these services.

What is sports medicine?

Physical exercise has a great impact on the whole body, both at the cardiovascular level and on the skeletal system, metabolism and general health. Sports medicine studies all the effects that sport has on people and how it helps to maintain a good state of health. Sports medical treatments, on the other hand, are aimed at treating and preventing conditions and injuries resulting from sport.

Sports health tourism in Andorra

Andorra Health Destination offers you the services of carefully selected clinics in the country. These centres have high quality standards and work with professionals specialised in the field of sports medicine and state-of-the-art technology from diagnosis to treatment. We have a wide range of sports medicine programmes so that you can choose the one that suits you best. You can find a wide range of treatments that prevent, treat or improve injuries or pathologies derived from sport, as well as treatments that help you to obtain better results or maintain good sporting health.

How can sports medicine treatments help you?

If you play sport regularly, it is likely that you have needed to turn to health professionals who specialise in this discipline.
Specifically, at the clinics in Andorra you have the possibility of treatment for pain in sportsmen and women, nasal health to improve performance, foot and ankle pathologies, and even a study of the runner to prevent injuries or programmes dedicated to skiers. We have also prepared complete getaways designed to correct body aches and pains, or relieve pain with chiropractors.
Check out all the sports-medical treatments on our website. And if you need help, we will guide you through the whole process so that you can select the ideal service for you.

Treatments for professional and amateur runners

One of the most common injuries in the world of sports medicine is the sprained ankle. It occurs mainly in impact sports when they are performed on uneven surfaces such as mountains or hard surfaces such as asphalt.
With the arrival of the good weather, many people are encouraged to do physical exercise outdoors. One of the most common is to go jogging in the city or in the mountains. If you also belong to this group, in this article we would like to tell you about the biomechanical foot study to prevent running injuries provided by one of our partners. A treatment suitable for both amateur and professional runners, which will help you to avoid injuries derived from this sport. It will also help you to improve your running technique and thus facilitate optimal and prolonged performance over time.

Benefits of the “Runner’s Study Prevention” programme:

Thanks to this treatment you will be able to avoid the most common injuries associated with the locomotor system, including problems in feet, knees and hips. Through the biomechanical analysis carried out in Andorra, the specialists will be able to identify possible deviations in your stride, evaluate how your lower limbs work and suggest the most suitable footwear according to your specific needs.
Many runners, both beginners and experienced runners, often do not consider that their running technique may be inappropriate, or even that they may have an abnormality in their feet or stride. This can lead to significant injuries in a short period of time.
Given the increase in running-related injuries, specialists advise both amateur and professional runners to undergo a foot or gait analysis.

Biomechanics analysis

This is a treatment that provides a complete study of your foot that will allow you to improve your technique and prevent injuries in both walking and running. To determine which factors need to be improved, it includes an analysis of actual training, the application of exclusive technology and the design of customised insoles based on 3D scanning. Before the final delivery, the footwear is tested and adapted to fit the foot of the walker. It lasts between one or two days and is carried out at our partner’s clinic in Andorra, located in the centre of Escaldes Engordany. It also includes three annual check-ups to adjust or repeat the treatment.
If you have started running or you already consider yourself a keen runner, don’t forget about the health of your feet and book the complete biomechanics study, which apart from preventing injuries, will help you to perfect your running technique.

Other treatments and accommodation in Andorra

One of the advantages of health tourism, in addition to high-quality medical care, is travelling to another country. Discover the benefits of health tourism in this article of our blog. If your treatment allows it, we can plan other typical tourist activities or combine your medical sports treatment with wellness or thermalism experiences.
We can also help you find accommodation and advise you when planning transfers for your trip to Andorra.
Contact us and together we will find the options that best suit your needs.

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