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We already know that the winter season is approaching, and with it begins the preparation for the enjoyment of winter sports. What you may not know is that in Andorra you can enjoy a large number of sports medical treatments that will help you get ready for the season, and that will accompany you throughout the season to take care of your body and mind.

From Andorra Health Destination, we want to remind you that the most important material to enjoy any physical activity is our body and remind you of the importance of taking care of it. We propose below different treatments offered by our partners for every moment of this ski season.

Injury prevention

To start a good season it is important to prevent injuries for all those who regularly go to the slopes.
those who regularly go up to the slopes. In Andorra you will find some of the
sports medicine centers for the prevention of injuries derived from the practice of winter sports are located in Andorra.

Skiing is one of the sports that requires a good level of fitness and it is highly recommended to take care of yourself to prevent injuries before suffering them. Our partner offers a treatment that, thanks to Younext 4D Motion Capture cameras and its Ski simulator, helps skiers to prevent future injuries. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Additionally, he proposes a plan in collaboration with another of our partners, the Omega Zeta clinic, in an innovative program “Balance skiers” for skiers that combines traditional medicine with biological medicine.

Find out more and discover how they can help you in your preparation for the season.

Muscle activation

In addition to prevention through sports medicine, it is important to activate the musculature to return to sport, especially if there has been a break in physical activity during the warmer months.

With chiropractic you can help your body correct posture, reduce pain and prepare for the ski season. Our partner, the center Quiropràctic del Molí, is one of the Andorran centers specialized in this practice and has the treatment “Healthy Activation”, ideal to get you ready.

On the other hand, the Check-up and integrative treatment of our partner Omega Zeta is ideal for those who are looking for a check-up and integrative treatment, to level stress and fatigue levels, as well as physical pain.

Discover different treatment options with Andorra Health Destination.

Treatment of pain in athletes

To help with existing pain, Andorra Health Destination also has the best clinics to help you.

Our partner Celular Clinic offers a Regenerative Medicine treatment applied to the treatment of sports injuries, which has become one of the star treatments as it contributes to a progressive improvement and results are observed in the short, medium and long term. Get information without obligation and start enjoying the disappearance of pain.

Physical and mental relaxation

We do not forget the importance of knowing how to relax body and mind after a day of hard physical activity, Hotel Carlemany offers an incredible experience; “Thermal reconnection”, to relax the muscles and release tensions with the sulphurous thermal water of Escaldes.

For those who want to continue working on their body and connect with their mind, we also have a Yoga and Ayurveda program created by our partner Komorebi; designed to achieve physical and mental harmony immersed in nature.

Andorra Health Destination offers all athletes the means to take care of their body and mind.
to take care of their body and mind. Enjoy all the sports health and thermal wellness options that our principality has to offer.

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