Wellness Experience: Masajes Terapéuticos, Rituales de harmonías, Terapias Complementarias, Coaching y PNL y Planes de cuidado integral

Do you feel stressed by the daily routine, and is your work life, your relationship with your partner, or your relationship with your family affected?

There are times that, for reasons that are beyond us, we end up disconnecting the mind from the body, and our well-being is affected. Andorra is the perfect place to disconnect from problems and connect with yourself.

Our partner, Wellness Experience, has the ideal programmes for those who want to take care of themselves inside and out. It offers a wide variety of health and wellness treatments in Andorra.

Below, we will tell you about some of the programmes that have made our partner a benchmark in terms of health and wellness tourism for those who seek to take care of themselves at all levels.

Therapeutic massages

Therapeutic massages are a form of alternative treatment that involves the use of manual techniques to improve physical and mental health and help us on an energetic and emotional level. Discover how they can also prevent premature ageing and disease.

Our Wellness Experience partner offers a wide variety of options for you to find the treatment that meets your needs.

  • Cranio-facial massage
  • Relaxing / anti-stress massage
  • Podal reflexology
  • Firming massage
  • Decontracting massage
  • Sensory massage for couples
  • Massage with hot candles
  • Regenerating massage with suction cups
  • Massage with bamboo canes – anti-cellulite
  • Aromatherapy massage
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Massage with hot stones
  • Ayurveda massage (with warm oils)
  • Shiatsu Massage
  • Sports or After-ski Massage
  • Thai Massage


Rituals of Harmony
A plan to do alone or share with your partner is ideal for restoring balance and connecting with your body and mind. These rituals combine massages, therapies, and beauty treatments. They will allow you to disconnect from all your worries.

  • You & Me Ritual
  • Harmony & Beauty Ritual
  • Mental Spa Ritual
  • Body & Soul Ritual


Complementary Therapies
Explore the benefits of complementary therapies, such as Reiki, singing bowls, and bioresonance, to improve your well-being. These therapies, with a holistic approach offer you the opportunity to have greater control and awareness over your health.

Complementary Therapies consider important aspects of physical, emotional, and mental health, as well as the background, lifestyle, and customs of each one. Specialist therapists stimulate energy points and channels to release physical and mental blockages.

  • Sound therapy
  • Reiki session
  • Reconnective healing
  • Pendulum therapy
  • Osteopathic massage therapy
  • Scio Quantum therapy


Coaching & PNL
With the Coaching and NLP programmes, its professionals will help you overcome personal and professional problems, working on the subconscious so that obsolete points of view that cause discomfort can be reprogrammed.

They will also help you learn to manage the different situations that may arise throughout life by working on your skills and strengths.

Here, we present the different personal and emotional training programmes to achieve extraordinary results in performance and productivity when adapting to change.

  • Lp And Hypnosis Session
  • Personal Coaching Session
  • Face-Reading + Fengshui
  • Original Biological Decoding


Integral Care Plans
Designed to help you achieve a balance between mind and body for your comprehensive well-being. A combination of therapeutic massages with holistic treatments with special cellular nutrition for each of the vital organs.

  • Anti Ageing Facial Plan
  • Anti-fatigue Plan
  • Immune System Plan
  • Detox Digest Plan
  • Anti Antioxidant Plan
  • Cellular Rejuvenation Plan


*None of the treatments offered by the Wellness Experience include travel to Andorra or accommodation.

Wellness Experience has a wide variety of programmes that combine yoga, mindfulness, music therapy, Ayurvedic massages, reflexology, reiki, forest bathing, and coaching, among others, so that you can find the most beneficial for you and your mind. Take care of yourself with Andorra Health Destination.

Do not miss the opportunity to spend a weekend of disconnection in Andorra surrounded by nature and wonderful places, and take the opportunity to relax your body and mind to connect with yourself through these massages or therapies.

You will find complete information on the treatments on the Andorra Health Destination website.

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